Monomer Roundup

I have tried out a few brands of monomer recently, so I thought I would share some of my findings with you. There are so many brands out there that I want to try, but as I am only doing a few sets of nails a week it takes me awhile to get through a bottle! Now all the monomers I have here I have checked do not have MMA (if you are new to this, I suggest a quick google to see how evil MMA is...). And every one of these I bought out of my own pocket. We have some fails and some wins, but let me know what your fav monomer is - I would love to add it to my wishlist. 

Born Pretty Acrylic Liquid
$8.08 AUD - 100ml
PROS: Cheap and easy for anyone to get, well packaged and ships worldwide. Very light purple colour liquid, no strong smell
CONS: It applies very weirdly, beads will not blend (might be ok for 3d sculpting or 1 bead technique, but for the 3 bead it just doesn't look good), need to work with very wet beads
Score: 1/5

Hawey Illume Fusion Monomer
$33 AUD - 100ml
PROS: Very smooth application, pretty bottle, Australian company
CONS: Has a fairly strong smell, a bit more pricey than some other options
Score: 5/5

DNS Liquid Monomer
Approx $15 - 150ml
PROS: Cheap, easy to get if you live near by, easy to work with
CONS: Smells like a toilet when you file (Literally!), lid had melted from chemicals so had to be decanted, impossible to get if you don't live near by. No size listed on bottle ?
Score: 2/5

Hawley Black Label Odorless Liquid
Approx. $36 AUD - 125ml
PROS: Has no scent
CONS: Takes forever to set - particularly if you use it with glitter acrylic, really hard to find a stockist
Score: 2/5

4oz (118ml) $16.95aud
PROS: Cheap for it's quality, easy to work with, moderate smell
CONS: No Australian Stockist (yet....) so takes time to get from USA.
SCORE: 5/5

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