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Indies Down Under is into their second round, currently open for wish listing, and on sale from 14th May 2021 for one week only! This months theme is Gemstones, Minerals and Precious Stones. Once again I have a couple of the offerings to show you!  
First up is It’s “Of Quartz, You’re a Gem” from Skullique. A pale blue to green shimmer with hints of pink at the edges, and scattered with blue holographic glitter. It’s stupidly pretty, and imo really unique. Here I am wearing 2 coats and 2 coats of top coat, it's not overly textured, but I like to make my glitters 100% smooth.

Next up is the Baltic Amber cuticle oil also from Skullique. Ok I am a little biased that woody scents are my FAVOURITE, so it's not surprising that this is now my favourite cuticle oil (zero exaggeration there - I would happily roll myself in this scent all day). Like their other oils, this is a lovely formula that absorbs really nicely and the dropper bottle is amazing - especially if you're a tech or ever use it on someone else's nails. The bottle is 15ml so it should keep you going awhile too.

Lastly is my own item from OMC Supplies, this is a water decal sheet that is all gemstone watercolour art in all shapes and sizes. Like all of my decals they are printed onto a sheer decal, so are best used over a light colored base or using the reverse application method. I used that method here to put them over a black holo polish, but you can also see below what they look like over plain white polish. 

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