Love Candii Elle Woods Collection

Love Candii is newish indie polish brand to Australia (yay!) and I was lucky enough to get send their latest collection to play with and share with you! This is the Elle Woods collection (based on Legally Blond in case you didn't already know that!), there are 5 shimmery shades that are all girly and pretty. They all have similar formula - they apply nicely and are opaque in 2 to 3 coats. All my swatches are 3 coats, but that's mainly because I have totally clear nail enhancements on so I need a little extra coverage. Even with 3 coats they didn't feel thick and dried down quickly. They have a bit of a satin-y look when dry so you'll want a nice glossy top coat for the shimmer to really shine. They're $11aud for 11ml, which is incredibly reasonable for such nice polishes! Ok onto the swatches:
Just bend ... and Snap! A dusty dark pink packed with a peachy shimmer. Super girly and super pretty! 
I Taught Bruiser to Online Shop - a bronze with strong pink shimmer.
Endorphins Make You Happy! Such a pretty shimmery teal green.
We’re Both Gemini Vegetarians. A blueish teal with an aqua shift. Very glowy and pretty.
What? Like, It’s Hard? A purple pearl shimmer
Go give Love Candii some love - these polishes are divine and as I keep saying we need to nurture all our Aussie indies so make sure you at least throw them a follow on the socials.

Skullique Sari Silks Part 2


A few indie brands have some amazing releases lined up for Boxing Day, and I am lucky enough to have some to share with you! Skullique is launching the Sari Silks Part 2 (you can see my post on part 1 here). There are 5 new shades of vibrant shimmery goodness that really look like silk on the nails. All the formula on these is the same - 2 to 3 coats for opacity. All my swatches are 3 coats but that's jut because I have totally clear gel nails right now so I need a little extra opacity to stop them looking like stained glass (which is a cool effect, but not quite what you want for swatches lol). They all dry down fast and semi glossy, all my swatches I've used a glossy top coat on to my them super shiny.

Bandhini. A gorgeous vibrant and deep orange with a subtle pink flash. 
Baluchari. A deep metallic blue that has a very deep ocean feel to it
Love a vibrant shimmery teal! One of my favourite colours 😍 This is Jamdani 
This shade is Kasavu - a really gorgeous purple satin shimmer
This is Phulkari - a a super bright yellow shimmer that is the most incredible summer shade
Skullique Sari Silks Part 2 releases on their Etsy store on Boxing Day.
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