Sistaco Halloween Nail Art

I recently got sent some fun Halloween colours from Sistaco - see my last post on them here if you haven’t heard of this system before. The thing I love most about this brand is how versatile their products are, as you can take the powders and mix and match and play to make your perfect colour or art in this case! For these nails I tried mixing the powders with a little of the base gel and painting it on - which worked amazingly! I started by applying the first colour to the whole nail the normal way (ie applying base gel, cure, then run powder on top), then applied the mixed colours on top. My only note if you want to try this is to make sure you cure each colour as you apply, and cure longer than they say because the pigment is quite concentrated it takes longer. 

The 4 colours I used are:

Coral (orange)

Ultraviolet (purple)

Shamrock (green)

Platinum (holographic silver)

I know I get sent a lot of product (and buy even more!) but thought it was worth noting that I am almost out of the top coat because it’s actually my favourite gel top coat in my stash - so if you are like me and like to play with all the nail art, grab an extra top coat if you’re ordering! 

Hit up their website here...

Use code ONEMORECOAT for $20 OFF all at-home sets or collections (affiliate).


Here is a little video of how I applied these nails. Note that I didn’t film the curing but you do need to cure after each colour:

Indies Down Under - Gemstones, Minerals and Precious Stones


Indies Down Under is into their second round, currently open for wish listing, and on sale from 14th May 2021 for one week only! This months theme is Gemstones, Minerals and Precious Stones. Once again I have a couple of the offerings to show you!  
First up is It’s “Of Quartz, You’re a Gem” from Skullique. A pale blue to green shimmer with hints of pink at the edges, and scattered with blue holographic glitter. It’s stupidly pretty, and imo really unique. Here I am wearing 2 coats and 2 coats of top coat, it's not overly textured, but I like to make my glitters 100% smooth.

Next up is the Baltic Amber cuticle oil also from Skullique. Ok I am a little biased that woody scents are my FAVOURITE, so it's not surprising that this is now my favourite cuticle oil (zero exaggeration there - I would happily roll myself in this scent all day). Like their other oils, this is a lovely formula that absorbs really nicely and the dropper bottle is amazing - especially if you're a tech or ever use it on someone else's nails. The bottle is 15ml so it should keep you going awhile too.

Lastly is my own item from OMC Supplies, this is a water decal sheet that is all gemstone watercolour art in all shapes and sizes. Like all of my decals they are printed onto a sheer decal, so are best used over a light colored base or using the reverse application method. I used that method here to put them over a black holo polish, but you can also see below what they look like over plain white polish. 

Follow Indies Down Under:

Indies Down Under

There's a new Indie collab in the world and I am SO excited to be part of it and share with you!

Indies Down Under is a PPU style collab where a bunch of Aussie makers come together to make nail items based around a theme. There is a new theme ever 2 months. The store will open for previews on the first Thursday of the month, and the sale will start on the second Friday of the month. The first theme is Australiana and is currently on sale until the 17th March 2021.

Want a say in what the themes will be in the future? Come join the Indies Down Under - Indie Polish Collab Facebook group.

I am partaking as my own brand OMC Supplies - making some unique water decals and vinyl decals, but I was also lucky enough to be able to swatch the contributions from Skullique. So this isn't everything for sale  - you'll need to visit the site for that ;) But this is everything I've had the pleasure to play with so far. 

This is Wattle I Do from Skullique - a perfect leaf green colour filled with gold and green holo glitter. This is 2 coats and 2 coats of top coat for maximum smoothness.

Finger Lime, Eucalyptus and Native Mint cuticle oil from Skullique - a super refreshing citrus with a hit of eucalyptus scent that is just amazing! Also love that it comes in a dropper bottle (if you ever have clients or other people to oil up you know this is a bonus!) It's a beautiful, light, clean, botanical fragrance. This is available by itself or in a combo with the polish. 
This is the Aussie food and drink water decals from my shop OMC Supplies - Perfect for the VB and democracy sausage lovers out there.

Last up is my Aussie Animals vinyl decals. These are stencils that you paint or sponge over then peel off for a crisp animal shape! It's an awesome cheats method for easy nail art.


Hit The Bottle Stamping Plates

Things have been a little quiet around here because in some non-nail related news I'm currently 4 months pregnant, and between constant exhaustion and morning sickness it's so hard to get motivated! I've also swapped from my usual acrylic nails to the Planet Vogue system - I know acrylic nails are safe during pregnancy but I do my own in a small space with not a lot of ventilation so I just don't want to expose myself to the fumes. Same reason I have massive regrowth on my hair!
But part of this all is trying to organize my piles of crap to make space, so I have been collating and arranging all my nails supplies. I have an absurd amount of stamping plates that I thought I would start doing some brand spotlights on for any newbie stampers out there!
So first up is my favourite Aussie stamping brand Hit The Bottle. Some of these I was kindly gifted and some I purchased.  Every single one is awesome quality. They are larger sized plates, so although they're more expensive than some others out on the market, you still get your monies worth! All are also etched really nicely and I had zero problem picking up any of the images. In case you're curious, I always use the Tricky Sticky stamper for all the stamping in my life. I also really love how unique the images on the plates are - they're all really fun and so great to work with.
So let me hit you with a tonne of images of each plate that I own (which is most of them whoops!) and some of the nail art I have done with them.