Jpop time!

Sorry I've been so absent lately! Life is very hectic. But I have been stocking up on pretty nail shots, so I have plenty to show you soon. But for today here is a slightly OT post...
Have you ever looked up kawaii nails or Japanese nail art? It's totally crazy and I love it but would normally never have the guts to give it a go! However last weekend one of my favourite Jpop artists came to Sydney and me and my bestie went to her show... it's one of those things where EVERYONE dresses up in crazy costumes and goes all out, so I took it as an excuse to have a go. Excuse the dodgy shot - I had to take it on my phone as I did it right before the show and I couldn't take my camera with with. Just in case anyone is wondering, all the polishes are from the Urban Decay Roller Girl set, bows I bought from a random stall ages ago, but Born Pretty sells very similar ones, and the bling are actually just scrapbooking stick-ons.

And just to share the love, in case you have never heard of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, you need to watch this video. Now excuse me while I go and fan-girl some more...

More stamping NOTD

Another quick one for you - life is super busy at the moment! But I did this one last weekend for a bit of fun. It's one of the plates from the Cheeky summer collection stamped in black over Color Club Harp On It from the Halo Hues collection. Sorry for the weird colour of the images - it hasn't stopped raining here in over a week, so I had to resort to taking photos inside my very yellow apartment.

Polished by KPT Plumeria

I have a massive obsession with holo thermals at the moment, I've now bought a couple of them - just haven't had a change to swatch them. So here is the first - Plumeria from Polished by KPT. No bottle shot on this one as it has a crack in it so I wrapped it in a roll of sticky tape to make sure it was going to stay in one piece. I have been lemming this one for AGES, and was stoked when Femme Fatale announced that they were going to start stocking them. So here I started with a base coat of white (although I'm not sure you need it, but I wanted to be careful) and then 2 coats of Plumeria. Just excuse the tiny bumb on my nail! But it's so pretty. The pink is when it's cool and goes to a grey when warm. I couldn't get the holo to show up in my photos but it is there, it's quite subtle but looks amazing. Totally worth a try next time there is a restock - it's worth every cent!