IBS Las Vegas 2018 Roundup

I'm so sorry this is almost a week late - I've had the worst cold EVER (seriously there is so much snot I have turned into a snail). But I've finally collated all this info together - so I hope this is useful to someone out there!

IBS Las Vegas was on last weekend and so I've jotted down a few of the products I spotted in the coverage that looked interesting and are available in Australia.

First up is the IBX Boost system. I think most people by now know about IBX for repairing nails (and if you haven't, go google. Worth it trust me). So this new product is essentially a hard gel to repair or overlay on nails for that super strong but still natural looking nail.
Check out their website here
Or their Australian distributor Switch Funky here

Next up is the Artiste Artinks from Apres Nail. Think Sharpie nails, but so so much nicer and fancier. You don't need me to convince you, just look at the art they've done with them! So stunning.
They ship directly to Australia. Check out their website here. 

This one is a quick shout out because sure it's another gel polish, but the bottles are entirely HOLO! That's enough of a selling feature for me! They also ship straight to Australia, website is here. 

Acrygel/polygel/whatever-you-call-it is still massive, and this is the latest system of it that I spotted, and I just love how cute the packaging is. I just want the Flux bottle! They also ship to Aus - website is here. 

Lechat have a new Perfect Match collection called Indie Fest thats filled with bright summer colours - it's all the sort of colours that I love wearing so of course I want. Also I want that bag. LOOK at it! Anyone want to sell me one of these bags? I want one so bag ugh!!!!
The original link is here
And Lechat is sold in heaps of places in Australia, but here is a link to Diamond Nail Supplies where I get it. 

Last up is a product I don't actually have an image of, but I saw it on Instagram and it sounds so interesting that I think will be worth keeping an eye out for From EDKO. It is a 1 step gel system that soaks off with alcohol! Neat right?
They do ship to Australia but you need to spend a lot. Still website is here if you're interested. 

SunUV LED Lamp

If you follow me in Insta, you would have seen when I got this lamp months ago. But I’ve only just taken some pictures so I can share this with you. I know I always rave about things, but this is the best lamp I swear I’ve ever used. I currently own 7 LED lamps, and sure they all have their own purposes, but if you are a nail tech or are after a serious lamp, this is the one.  It is 48w and has 30 LEDs all nicely spaced out so you an cure a whole hand in one go with no problems. It cures everything I’ve thrown at it – all brands of both soft and hard gel.
It has a sensor so it turns on as soon as you put your hand in and the timer starts counting up. But there are also buttons on top to turn it on for 10sec, 30sec or 60sec. There is also a low heat mode that goes for 100seconds that starts with a low light that slowly increases over the time. This is great for curing hard gels to reduce the heat spike.
The best feature of all is that it is battery powered! The battery has LED indicators on it to show how much it has charged. I have found that battery lasts about a day and a half, so I leave it plugged in when it is on my nail table, but I can easily cart it around to do clients or taking it to nail school. If you don’t care about the battery factor, there is a version that comes without the battery that is much cheaper.
The ONLY complaint I have about this is that the LED timer on top is always lit up, so even in the middle of the night it sits glowing away. Pretty minor though unless you’re sleeping next to your lamp!
I bought this from AliExpress – check out the link here!

Opallac Glitter Trio

Opallac have released 3 new glittery shades of gel polish that I have here to show you, and boy oh boy are they blingtastic! They pretty much all have the same formula, with a mix of shimmer and glitter so it’s like having a mirrorball on each nail. All my swatches are 2 coats, so you can see even though they are glitters, they have amazing coverage. It’s so great to see such unique colours so readily available to anyone who loves gel! If you’ve read my previous posts you know I think this brand is great quality – it definitely stands up with some of the salon-only brands out there.

Opallac is available through their website or from Priceline stores.

White Diamonds

Rose Quartz

Gold Digger

Scout Cosmetics polishes for winter

I got some more polishes from Scout Cosmetics to share with you today. Now we're into winter here in Australia, I wanted to get soome darker shades. So each of these 3 colours are all dark and shimmery. I was so stoked when I opened my package as these colours have a magical glow to them in the light, so trust me when I say my swatch pictures do not do them justice, and that you just need them in your life.

Each of my swatches is 2 coats, because as always with this brand the colours are so pigmented that you could get away with one coat - I just always do 2 as a habit. I've also mentioned it in my last post, but they really don'y smell - the funniest thing was my husband walking in on me sniffing polish and I tried to explain to him why this was so magical. I think he thinks I'm just crazy. 

And remember that each polish is a breathable formula, made with vitamin-active superfoods, 5 free, vegan, organic ingredients.

Check out their full range of products at www.scoutcosmetics.com

Rebel Yell

All Apologies

Shake It

Beauty BigBang Stamping Plate

A quick nail art for you today - this is my newest stamping plate that I got from Beauty BigBang. You would think I would be over unicorns by now, but nope... still love them! This is a super adorable plate. Like all the plates I've had from them, it has the plastic backing (which is always a bonus I like!) and the images are all nicely etched so it stamps really well. They have a whole range of new plates on their site, so it's worth checking out if you're a stamping addict too!

Unicorn Rainbow Magic Rectangle Nail Stamping Plate Sku: BBBXL-007 - available from Beauty Bigbang here

Be sure to use my code OMC for 10% off.

Premiere Orlando

Over the last few days Premiere Orlando was on. No I was not lucky to go (ONE day I will fly over for it!), but I did get up stupidly early each day to watch all the live streams coming out and stalking all the amazing new products that have come out. In case you haven't heard of it before, it is one of the biggest beauty shows in the world, and it's where many of the big brands release their new products. So seeing as I've been glued to my computer the whole time, I thought I would share with you a few products that jumped out at me that we can still get our hands on down under.

CND Shellac Luxe - oh boy this is going to be a game changer. It's a 2 step system (so no base coat) and it soaks off in a minute!!! I can't wait to get my hands on this so try it out myself, but all the feedback so far has been awesome. It will be hitting us here in Australia in August from Pacific Nail & Beauty.  They also get the award from me for the best looking stand ever! You got to be the nail, so there was a colour room, a LED light room, and a bling room totally coated in Swarovski's. There are a few pics on their Instagram if you're curious.

Light Elegance where there with Celina RydĂ©n doing demos. They have a new collection called May I have This Dance which is filled with both creams and coloured gels. I don't think this is available here in Australia yet, but you can get their past collections from Beauty World here.

MissU was there with their Tony Ly collection of acrylic powders. Soooo much glitter! It's worth having a look at his Instagram to see some of the colours in action. MissU is available in Australia here.

Erica's - I have to admit this is a new to me brand. But I watched them demo some of their bits, and I'm now in love with their new Dry Mani Kit. It's a little like the Russian, but not as scary and seems perfect for someone who is new to using cuticle bits. They ship directly to Australia. Check out the kit here.

Joya Mia is another brand I've been eyeing off for awhile. Their latest range is the Metalix Chrome Gel - it's a silver gel that you add sheer colours to. So many artistic possibilities! I believe they ship direct to Australia for quite reasonable postage. Check out their website here. 

Do you know of any products that I missed and should know about? Please let me know! I'll update this post if anything comes out from the people who where there that I need as well!

Nicole Diary Products

Today I have a couple of products from Nicole Diary to share with you. I have quite a lot of their products, but they've always come from stores like Wish, so this is the first time I've gone straight to the source. 
First up is this Chameleon Magnetic Cat Eye gel polish in colour Phoenix Queen. I put down a black base first, and then one coat of this polish over the top. I love the duo-chrome effect that gives you different coloured lines accross the nail. It's total magic. I got so many compliments wearing it that I think I need to buy all the colours! The only down side, and one that I have with all their gel polishes, is that they are only 6ml. With the amount of polish I wear that won't last long!

NICOLE DIARY 6ml The Out-Space Series Holographic Chameleon Magnetic Cat Eye Soak Off Gel Nail Art NDOS01

Next up is the Clear Jelly Stamper - and it has holo glitter in it! I totally just got it just for the holo factor! But it has 2 heads - a large and a small one. Both are clear and super squishy. I have to admit I had a little bit of trouble getting them to pick up initially as I am used to a harder stamper, but practice makes perfect! Also don't make my mistake and let acetone anywhere near it. I know you can't put acetone on stamper heads, but turns out the actual plastic handle also gets messed up pretty easy. At least my acetone smear doesn't effect the performance!
It's worth browsing through their site for lots of nail art goodies! www.nicolediary.com And use my code OMCT10 for 10% off.