Gelicious We Fell In Love range

Pretty much ever since I got into gel polish I have been in love with the shades from Gelicious. If you go through my old posts I would have talked about them before, but I love that they are pro quality but available to everyone. And don't be put off by the price, they are what I would be paying for any other high end polish and you get a full 15ml of polish! They have a great range of colours to choose from too. But before I go on into the colours I have to show you today, I need to tell you to go look at my post on their peel off base coat - it is fantastic, and if you do gel polish at home and are worried about damaging your nails, then you NEED it in your life. 
So I was very kindly gifted the full range of We Fell In Love Range - this is the first time I have ever been gifted anything from this brand so there is no bias at all, I really do love it that much. 
This range is a great range of really flattering nudes, gold shimmer and glitter and a pretty blue. All are lovely, just be aware that the Je'Taime is a french pink so it is VERY sheer, but if you like french manis then this is perfect. The rest are all single or 2 coaters. So scroll down for full swatches and to see some of the nail art looks I have created with these. 
Check out the full range of polishes over on the Gelicious website. 
Bonnie & Clyde
Stand By Me
Je' Taime
Love Is Love
Notting Hill
We Swiped Right
Our Stars Aligned

Je T'aime over a bare nail
Je T'aime layered with angel paper

Chi Chi Sunset Glow Highlighter Palette

I have been eyeing off this palette ever since it was first released but I am a total tight-arse when it comes to my cosmetics so I've never been able to bring myself to spend $50 on a single palette. But last weekend Myer were having a sale where it was only $10, so of course I had to grab it! I actually feel slightly guilty getting it so cheap - as I work in product design/importing at the moment I am painfully aware how much even the packaging is worth so this really was a steal. Seeing as half of you lovely readers are outside of Australia, Chi Chi is an aussie cosmetics brand that is sold in a bunch of our mid-range department stores (so Myer, Target). It's really nice stuff, I have bought a tonne of their nail polishes in the past, and have a few of their hand creams, so this was my first foray into their makeup. 
I have to say I am really impressed with these! They are a pressed powder, but it does have a nice soft creamy consistency. And you get a tonne of product in each pan - I'm not sure if it comes across in the pictures but this palette is huge, like it won't even fit into my train case. 
The range of shades is also really nice. I have said in the past that I am super pasty and finding highlighters that aren't bronze or look like a bright blush even when not in the sun is a hard task. Sure some of these are a bit on the gold side for me and I will most likely end up wearing them as an eyeshadow, but the majority are quite soft shades that are almost invisible on the skin but are blinding when the light hits them.My personal favs are Airlie and Manly. 
But if you need a nice range of highlighters in your life, then this is worth picking up. Heck now I have it in my hands I actually feels it's even worth it full price. 
Go check out the full range on the Chi Chi website. 

Sydney Nail Fest

Last weekend was the Sydney Nail Fest. A place for certified nail techs to spend too much money and play with a tonne of fun products! This was the first time they were in this part of the world (and I am so very grateful to the organisers for bringing it here, and for putting it together when the Beauty Expo is dying for nail companies). 
You can see above my little haul. I didn't go with a huge amount of money, so I could have gotten a LOT more, but this was what about $150 in nail world looks like. 
The brands that were there were Emerson Crystals Nail Paradise, Brillbird, Switch Funky, Akzentz, Light Elegance, Young Nails, Touched by Colour, Cuccio, Mega Nail Supplies, Lish, Flexifinger, and Emendee.  Entry was $20 for early bird tickets, and that included demos and door prizes. Totally worth it. 
There were a lot of hard gels, polishes and nail art items. Not as much  in acrylics or loose glitter, but I am really hoping this event will keep getting bigger and better (heck I know I am determined to have a stand there in future!). 
So scroll through to see pics of some of the products that were there. And at the very bottom are 2 gorgeous demo nails that I got done (and refusing to ever take off, I don't care if I don't match!)
To keep up with Nail Fest latest events and news, make sure you go follow them on their Facebook Page. 

Switch Funky

Emerson Crystals



Light Elegance

Mega Nail Supplies




Young Nails

Mega Nail Supplies

Touched by Colour

Nail Paradise
Young Nails: Baby Royal as the purple gel, then their hand held air brush to do the ombré.

Light Elegance: Marshmallow gel with dried and fresh plants

Nail Powder Experiment

With my new found makeup obsession, I've seen a lot of stunning holo and duochrome makeup powders that I have been lusting after. But seeing as I am perpetually broke (thanks chronic illness!), I haven't yet gotten my hands on any. So this got me thinking - what happens when you take the powders that are meant to be rubbed into gel top coats and apply them like any other loose powder? At the end of the day they are still just pure pigments right?
So before anyone yells at me, don't be a dummy and just shove these things straight on your eye. I have spend many years working as a product developer so I understand the importance of getting cosmetics properly tested, and I believe that is why brands charge so much for their pigments - getting cosmetics testing is not cheap
But I did this because I was curious, and I am blessed with skin that isn't over sensitive and doesn't react to much. Hence I tested these on my arm before having a play, as suspected there were no issues. 
So on the swatches at the top, I mixed a small amount of each powder with a setting spray, then drew on my arm with a eyeliner brush. It was interesting as the finer the holo powders were, the less impressive they were. That said the holo flakies were ZOMG level of amazing! I have no idea why I would ever wear that level of holo, but I may have slipped on of my flakie pots from my nail room into my makeup box. 
The duochrome powders didn't like working with the spray very much, but I realised when I shoved my finger in them that the duochrome effect was amazing. 
So that leads me to the images/video below. These are the 2 best powders of my experiment applied over a glitter fix primer. Freakin spectacular!
So there you have it. I don't know how I am going to use this information, and I am still going to lust after all the pretty eyeshadows, but this was certainly an interesting experiment!