Hit the Bottle Haul

Today I have a bunch of image spam from a recent order I did with Hit The Bottle. Over the years I have collected a lot of stamping polishes from various companies, but no-ones quality ever comes close. I'm on a mission to slowly replace my whole collection to them! This round I got 3 neons, a rose gold and a new squishy stamper! 
The stamper is the Double Shot - it has 2 stampers built in and a scraper. One of the stampers has a longer body and one has a really short one. I personally LOVE the smaller one as I can get really nice and up close with my nails and makes getting exact positioning much easier, but I know others with longer nails prefer the taller one so I guess it's all personal preference. Either way the heads are interchangeable so you can swap and change things around to however you like. This stamper picks up like a dream - I literally have a tub of stampers I have accumulated over the years (I really need to take a photo one day just to prove how weirdly obsessive I am) and this one is hands down the best I have used.  
The 3 neon polishes I got are  I pink, therefore I am, Orange you Excited? and Shazam Yellow. When Born Pretty released their neon stamping range, I grabbed them all because they looked so nice in the pictures but are very disappointing to work with. So in case you are ever torn between the 2, here is a comparison of the HTB vs BP. I don't think I even need to break this one down for you, the pictures really tell you everything. 
And of course some nail art I did using them with a plate from Kads. 
And lastly is Roseglow Gold with another Kads plate. Just look at how detailed those iamges are! That is something you can only ever get with a well etched plate, amazing stamping polish and a great stamper.
Hit The Bottle are a great Aussie brand so go check out their site for full range and international stockists. 

Sistaco Nail System

The lovelies from Sistaco sent me their system to try out and swatch a few weeks ago. I've posted some videos on it on Instagram,but for prosperity sake here are my thoughts and swatches! 
The system is very easy to use - it's basically a gel base coat, glitters/pigments, and a shiny no wipe top coat. You can watch a video on my Insta of the application process, but it is:
*Prep your nails (file/clean)
*Apply a thin coat of base coat
*Cure (the lamp has an automatic timer, so it will turn off after 1 minute)
*Take the applicator and rub your chosen colour into the basecoat which will be sticky
*Apply a thin coat of topcoat
*Cure again
*Brush off any excess powder that might be on your hand/cuticle area
You can also rub the holo powders into the topcoat without the base, but I found that although this gives you more of a linear holo effect, it isn't as opaque. 

So you can see it's really easy to do, and I do love that you can mix and match powders which means you can get more of the indie polish style looks while keeping with the gel. They also have a huge range of powders available along with a matte top coat if that's your jam.  They are 9-free, cruelty free, and designed in Australia which is always nice to hear. 

Now I do have an affiliate code if you want to get a kit for yourself - this hasn't had any effect on my review (I didn't even know I was getting a code when I originally ordered my kit), but I'm sharing as it will also give you a nice discount!
Use my code 'onemorecoat' to get $30 of all at-home kits. 
Ok - on to the swatch-a-thon!
Marina Mist - such a beautiful light shimmer blue to purple shift. Think like your traditional mermaid powders, but its opaque enough to stand without a base colour. It's incredibly pretty, the sort of thing that you will get in trouble because you can't stop staring at your nails!
Holographic Ocean Rush - a stunning deep blue holo powder. This one has so much depth to it and looks like it's almost glowing. It's quite an intense scattered holo (as I did it onto the base coat). If you do get this system, I would make sure you get at least one of their holo colours!
Last up is Bubblegum. I did 2 layers of it over my acrylics, then broke a nail and took them all off and thought ‘hey, while I’m nude let’s try this on a natural nail’. I have a single coat on the natural nail pics.
It’s a gorgeous hot pink with the tiniest blue shimmer to it. It’s a teensy bit sheer so you can apply twice or over natural nails it’s not too noticeable. Just make sure to apply before you’re about to have a shower as the pink powder is super fine and gets all up in every crack on your finger
Check out their full range of products on their website https://sistaco.com/