Hit the Bottle Haul

Today I have a bunch of image spam from a recent order I did with Hit The Bottle. Over the years I have collected a lot of stamping polishes from various companies, but no-ones quality ever comes close. I'm on a mission to slowly replace my whole collection to them! This round I got 3 neons, a rose gold and a new squishy stamper! 
The stamper is the Double Shot - it has 2 stampers built in and a scraper. One of the stampers has a longer body and one has a really short one. I personally LOVE the smaller one as I can get really nice and up close with my nails and makes getting exact positioning much easier, but I know others with longer nails prefer the taller one so I guess it's all personal preference. Either way the heads are interchangeable so you can swap and change things around to however you like. This stamper picks up like a dream - I literally have a tub of stampers I have accumulated over the years (I really need to take a photo one day just to prove how weirdly obsessive I am) and this one is hands down the best I have used.  
The 3 neon polishes I got are  I pink, therefore I am, Orange you Excited? and Shazam Yellow. When Born Pretty released their neon stamping range, I grabbed them all because they looked so nice in the pictures but are very disappointing to work with. So in case you are ever torn between the 2, here is a comparison of the HTB vs BP. I don't think I even need to break this one down for you, the pictures really tell you everything. 
And of course some nail art I did using them with a plate from Kads. 
And lastly is Roseglow Gold with another Kads plate. Just look at how detailed those iamges are! That is something you can only ever get with a well etched plate, amazing stamping polish and a great stamper.
Hit The Bottle are a great Aussie brand so go check out their site for full range and international stockists. 

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  1. Wow nice haul and gorgeous polishes :-D Loving the nail arts too :-D