Opallac Nude Palette

I've been a little slack posting these - stupid 2020 has totally thrown my mojo! But better late than never. A month or so ago Opallac released a new pack with 4 nude shades that comes in a cute calico bag called Nude Palette. I know normies like nudes as a nice work appropriate nail wear, but I see them all as backgrounds for nail art! All 4 of these shades only need 2 coats, which is particularly nice in the palest shade (Truth of Bare). I think it is the most opaque of their pale nudes they sell. The set sells for $58. Check them out for yourself at the Opallac website here.  
Ok onto the swatches: 
Left to right: Truth or Bare, Over the Taupe, Mauve Aside and Smoke & Mirrors.
With some rose gold stamping on top. 
Truth or Bare by itself - perfect blank canvas ready for art!

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