Enchanted Polish Octopus's Garden

Here today I have a whole bunch of shots of my latest favorite polish -  Enchanted Polish Octopus's Garden. These polishes can be a bit of a biatch to get just because they're so darn popular, but you can see why! This is a holo multi-chrome that looks different at every angle and is gobsmackingly stunning! The holo is fairly subtle in the shade, but the shift alone keeps you staring at your nails. Here I am wearing 3 thin coats topped with a coat of SV - although I have worn it since on just 2 coats fine. I love that you don't need to layer it over black either! So if you have a chance to lay your hands on one of these polishes, just do it! Don't think, just buy! 
I know EP have a few stockists, but as an Aussie girl I got mine from Femme Fatale Costmetics


Merry Christmas everyone! It's been a long year filled with some extreme highs and lows, but it’s finally drawing to a close. I want to thank those who have supported me through the year, and especially my poor husband who has had to put up with months and months of comfort polish buying and constantly stinking out the apartment!  
So today I’ve got two Christmas manis that I’ve worn to work this week – the first is an Ulta 3 red that came in one of the valentines packs with a fimo candy cane feature nail, and the other is L’Oreal Green Couture with a dotticure Christmas tree with a star glitter topper.  The funny thing about that one was the hubby suggesting that I do it, and I was arguing that I don’t actually own any green nail polish. I have a LOT of polish, but green is my least favourite colour so I ever buy any. So to make a point, he gets me to go through what I own and find any greens…. And then this happened. Turns out I manage to accumulate more than I think!

Anyway, have a great holiday everyone and I hope you all get loads of polish for Christmas ;)

Femme Fatale A Frosty Shake

Yay there's only a week and a half left until Christmas (and 5 working days woo!). I've been incredibly slack this year with my Christmas spirit, and haven't done much in the way of festive manis! But I'm going to be a little bit mean today and show you a special polish I got for the season that was from Femme Fatale in very limited amounts (the only downside being that the bottle I got wasn't totally full, but hey when it's this gorgeous I'm not complaining). This is a rejig of last years A Frosty Shake with the addition of teeny tiny snowflakes... aren't they super cute?! The mix is very shimmery with all kinds of white, blue and iridescent glitter. I won't lie though - those snowflakes were a PAIN to get out. No amount of shaking or keeping the bottle upside down helped. I ended up getting an orange stick to help fish them out. But hey all worth it to have tiny snowflakes on my nails! I topped it with 2 coats of SV and I have no problems with the glitter sticking up, but I am also blessed with quite large nails. Although you won't be able to buy this baby anymore, still swing by Femme Fatale Cosmetics and check out the other stunning polishes there. Or if you absolutely must have tiny snowflakes as well, the closes to this polish I've seen is KB Shimmer's Snow Much Fun.

Emily de Molly Rose Gold

Got a quickie swatch for you today - this is Emily de Molly's Rose Gold. A pretty glitter topper made up of a whole range of different shaped pink and gold glitter, including bars, hexes, squares and dots. It is super pretty. Here I'm wearing one coat over a random Ulta 3. Check it out here - it's on sale right now and trust me.. you want this!