BeautyBigBang Crystal Skulls

Ok so these would have been perfect for Halloween, but it's never too late for crystal skulls right? I got sent these beauties from Beauty BigBang. Now I know these are available in a few places, but the thing I loved about these specific ones is that you get a pack of 20 for not much money, and they have a whole bunch of colours available. I was also impressed with how duo-chromey and sparkly they are. As they are flat backed, they do stick out a little on the nail, but I just used a giant glob of nail glue to keep them secure and they stayed put for the few days I had them on. You could always got a glob of acrylic if you really want these babies to stay on. 

The only downside, the purple coating did rub off. This picture was taken after wearing them for 24 hours. However as bad as that sounds, it actually make them look even more sparkly with the clear showing through, so it didn't actually bother me.

The Crystal Skulls are available here. Be sure to use my discount code for 10% off - OMC.

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