Colour By TBN polishes

Reverse stamping over Mirror Mirror
A little while ago I got my hands on a bunch of Colour by TBN polishes. To be frankly honest I hadn't heard of this brand until recently so I wasn't quite sure what I was in for. This is a brand you will find at chemists, but my local isn't somewhere I normally go so I had to go for a hunt. So I love these. Like I know I love all polish, but I really loved these. They are super cheap for good sized bottles and the colour pay off is amazing! In fact better than quite a few more expensive brands I have. They also have a great range of colours, and I think they will be my new go to base colours. The other amazing thing is that the creme polishes in this collection actually water marble well. I'm absolutely terrible at water marbling but I got them to work like a treat.

So here are some pics of art I have done using these polishes, and some swatches of the colours I have.

Find your closest Colour by TBN stockist and check out their full range on their website here.

Loose glitter over Nice to Mint You

She's a Lady

Watermarble using Lovin' Lavendar, Cosmopolitan and Nice to Mint You

Left to right: Fairy Floss, Cosmopolitan, Life's Peachy, Lovin' Lavender, Nice to Mint You
Left to right: Mirror Mirror, Pot of Gold, She's a Lady

Left to right: Pink Glimmer, Mystique, Mermaid

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