Connect the dots

Thanks to constantly stalking eBay, I managed to lay my hands on a bottle of Connect the Dots from Lynnderella (seriously the day she ships to Australia I will be the happiest girl alive!). I just love the look of this! Pictured is 2 coats over 2 coats of Rimmel Portobello. I didn't mean to have so much on, but I found it really hard to fish out the giant black pieces without getting loads of glitter on my nails. I also had to use 3 coats of SV over it to get it really smooth, but I hope you agree that it's totally worth the effort. I looks like there's an 80's party happening on my nails, and I love it!

Hearts Aflutter

Here is my belated Valentines mani using another of my wonderful Gloss 'n Sparkle polish - Hearts Aflutter. I seriously love this polish. I've everything you could want mushed into one bottle. Holo, hearts, butterflies, stars and just so gosh darn pretty! Here I've just used one coat over my trusty Something Sweet - China Glaze. It is a tiny bit of a pain to apply, and I had to do quite a bit of fishing to make sure I had some of the shaped glitter on every nail. And also had to apply 2 coats of SV to smooth it out (and even then I think it could have used more). But it's so worth the trouble, and I got so many compliments on it.

So much sparkle in direct sun

Gloss n' Sparkle is available through their Etsy store


I just had to throw these up because it really is love at first sight! I know this is hard to get your hands on, but this was my first wear of China Glaze DV8, and it was worth the months and months of lemming. It is now by far my fav of the collection. Once again it's just like the other OMG polishes - really easy to apply, you only need 2 coast, and chips like a bastard! you can see in the sunlight photo that there's already some chipping on my middle finger and that was only after a few hours of wearing it. But the colour and the holo is truly divine!

Inside - still loads of holo
Direct sunlight - amazing!

Pixel Perfect

Today I'm wearing a polish my inner nerd has been wanting for a long time. It's Pixel Perfect from Gloss 'n Sparkle, and it's filled with loads of amazing square glitter of all different sizes. Here I've layered it over Grey Matter from Rimmel, and I've only used one coat. It went on very nicely, although I did have to dab a little for the really big black squares. I only used one coat of SV over the top, although it probably could have used a second as it's still a tad rough.

 Gloss n' Sparkle is available through their Etsy store

Look at those gorgeous black squares!