Sistaco Nail System

The lovelies from Sistaco sent me their system to try out and swatch a few weeks ago. I've posted some videos on it on Instagram,but for prosperity sake here are my thoughts and swatches! 
The system is very easy to use - it's basically a gel base coat, glitters/pigments, and a shiny no wipe top coat. You can watch a video on my Insta of the application process, but it is:
*Prep your nails (file/clean)
*Apply a thin coat of base coat
*Cure (the lamp has an automatic timer, so it will turn off after 1 minute)
*Take the applicator and rub your chosen colour into the basecoat which will be sticky
*Apply a thin coat of topcoat
*Cure again
*Brush off any excess powder that might be on your hand/cuticle area
You can also rub the holo powders into the topcoat without the base, but I found that although this gives you more of a linear holo effect, it isn't as opaque. 

So you can see it's really easy to do, and I do love that you can mix and match powders which means you can get more of the indie polish style looks while keeping with the gel. They also have a huge range of powders available along with a matte top coat if that's your jam.  They are 9-free, cruelty free, and designed in Australia which is always nice to hear. 

Now I do have an affiliate code if you want to get a kit for yourself - this hasn't had any effect on my review (I didn't even know I was getting a code when I originally ordered my kit), but I'm sharing as it will also give you a nice discount!
Use my code 'onemorecoat' to get $30 of all at-home kits. 
Ok - on to the swatch-a-thon!
Marina Mist - such a beautiful light shimmer blue to purple shift. Think like your traditional mermaid powders, but its opaque enough to stand without a base colour. It's incredibly pretty, the sort of thing that you will get in trouble because you can't stop staring at your nails!
Holographic Ocean Rush - a stunning deep blue holo powder. This one has so much depth to it and looks like it's almost glowing. It's quite an intense scattered holo (as I did it onto the base coat). If you do get this system, I would make sure you get at least one of their holo colours!
Last up is Bubblegum. I did 2 layers of it over my acrylics, then broke a nail and took them all off and thought ‘hey, while I’m nude let’s try this on a natural nail’. I have a single coat on the natural nail pics.
It’s a gorgeous hot pink with the tiniest blue shimmer to it. It’s a teensy bit sheer so you can apply twice or over natural nails it’s not too noticeable. Just make sure to apply before you’re about to have a shower as the pink powder is super fine and gets all up in every crack on your finger
Check out their full range of products on their website