Scout Cosmetics Nail Polishes

I recently got sent some polishes from Scout Cosmetics - this is a new to be brand, but I am so impressed with them I think they will become a household name. If you are someone who is worried about what they put on their nails or a has any chemical concerns, then these are what you need. They are vegan, organic polishes that are 5 free. And they are filled with nourishing ingredients like broccoli seed extract and camellia seed oil. As soon as I heard about them I was a little concerned about their formula with all that, but I was so impressed when I tried them out and realised the formula of these polishes stacks up with some of the best brands out there. 
So I have 2 colours to share with you today. The first one is Losing My Religion - a greeny blue with loads of shimmer. This is 2 coats. The second is Invisible Touch - a perfect nude shade. Also 2 coats, but you could really get away with 1 for this polish (which is AMAZING for such a pale shade!).

Check out their full range of products at

Shop with me: I Love You Beads

The other day I shared on Instagram one of my little nail supply shopping trips, and I've had so many inquiries about it that I'm sharing my adventures with you. 
I went to visit I Love You Beads, which is a very large bead wholesaler on Parramatta rd. in Leichhardt. First up - yes this store is in Sydney, but they do have an excellent website that you can purchase from, so you don't miss out! If you are into craft you most likely already know about this store as they have the most amazing range of gemstones and crystal beads, but they also have a section of Swarovski flatbacks that is always growing. I love that their packets are fairly small, so you can buy a whole range of crystals for not much. Most are around the $3 - 5 mark. And yes they are most definitely the genuine deal. The store also sells plastic boxes to store them in, as well as invoice books and paper shopping bags if this is something you might ever use. 
To shop here you do need to be a member to get the wholesale prices, but anyone can be a member. You just need to pay a $10 fee to join up - but once you've joined you can renew your card for free, so it's a once off payment and totally worth it!
Below I have just shared some pics of the store so you can see the sort of range that they have. 

Visit their website at:
Visit their Swarovski specific site at:

I Love You Beads
311 Parramatta Road, Leichhardt NSW 2040, Australia
Phone: (02) 9572 8288

Beauty BigBang Diamond Wing Decoration

Today is a really quite post for you - this is the last of the last set of items I recieved from Beauty BigBang. This is the Diamond Wing Decoration. It is available in a bunch of different colours, but I got mine in clear (SKU: J6326-1C). You can see from the images that it quite 3d, so it stands out off the nail a lot. But it is very sparkly and pretty and I got it to stay put with some nail glue, although I would probably use a bead of acrylic if I wanted it there a long time. The only downside is that you only get 1 per packet - so you're going to need to buy a few.

The Diamong Wing Decoration is available from their website here. 
Be sure to use my discount code for 10% off - OMC

Beauty BigBang LED lamp

Part of my last package I got from Beauty BigBang was this little LED lamp. It's only 9w but if you are doing your own gel polishes, then it does the job. It has 3 small LED lights in it, and a USB cable to power it. That is the thing I love most about it - I have mine attached to a portable USB charger so I can use it where-ever I like! It's totally awesome for on the go. It also has an automatic timer and turns off after 1 minute.

It claims that it cures all gel polishes - a big claim for a little device, but it certainly works on all the brands I have (although not on builder gel, but that's really not surprising!!).  Here was me trying it out using one of my trusty Azure polishes. The best part is that I did this while sitting out on my balcony! Love that portability.

If you need a little lamp for on the go or if you are new to the gel polsish world, then you need this! You can buy this lamp from their website here. SKU: B6725-1A-BK
Be sure to use my discount code for 10% off - OMC

OPI Lisbon Collection Part 2

Here is part 2 of my swatches from the OPI Lisbon Collection. This second half is really nice and bright, and all the colours had a lovely formula. I love all these - and had to even do some nail art to combine as many as I could at once! It's nice to see a green and yellow that are actually nice shades that I would wear. They are both colours I have very little of in my stash as they are normall horrible, so this is a good change! 

Now Museum Now You Don't: A deep, very metallic red. A tiny bit streaky, but built up to a nice finish. 2 coats. 

Red-vival City: A classic bright red. 2 coats. If you don't have many reds than you need this - it's a time-less shade. 

We Seafood And Eat It: A red that is leaning towards a deep pink. Good creamy formula. 2 coats. 

Tile Arm To Warm Your Heart: A really vibrant deep blue. Reminds me a lot of the classic Sally Hansen Pacific Blue that broke the internet a few years back. You need this one! 2 coats. 

Closer Than You Might Belem: Flattering pale green. Even though it's pale, you can still get away with 2 coats.

Sun, Sea And Sand In My Pants: Not quite sure whether to call this yellow or mustard, but it's quite a nice unique colour. 2 coats. 

Lisbon Collection by OPI will be available in Infinite Shine and GelColour formulas.
Infinite Shine colours will retail for $22.95 at David Jones, Myer and selected salons nationally. GelColor is an in-salon professional service only.

OPI Lisbon Collection Part 1

Summer is over (I would pretend to be sad, but I am one of the few people that HATES summer. I can't wait for cooler weather), but with a new season means we get a new OPI collection! YAY! This one is based after the colours of Lisbon (the capital of Portugal. I'm an idiot and had to Google that. Don't judge me). I have my hands on the whole collection, so here are the first 6 colours. These are all the pink based colours together. Some are very similar so you might not need them all, but you certainly need most of them in your collection! Please excuse my terrible image quality. The camera I have been using died, so I am using a back up that isn't as good. I need to get new technology!

No Turning Back From Pink Street: A creamy dark pink, leaning more mauve. This is 2 coats. 

You've Got Nala On Me: A light pink with a slight peach tone to it. A little sheer so 3 coats here. 

Tagus In That Selfie! A flattering baby pink. A little so 3 coats.

Made It To the Seventh Hill: A super shiny rose gold. Super streaky, and 2 coats (despite how much I don't like the formula, I LOVE the colour. This is my favourite of the collection)

Lisbon Wants Moor OPI: A super duper pale pink. SUPER sheer - this is 4 coats! However would probably be good as a French base or worn sheer.

Suzi Chases Portu-geese: Plain white - I'm pretty sure it's the same as Alpine Snow. 3 coats.

Lisbon Collection by OPI will be available in Infinite Shine and GelColour formulas.
Infinite Shine colours will retail for $22.95 at David Jones, Myer and selected salons nationally. GelColor is an in-salon professional service only.

Beauty Bigbang White Glitter

A quickie post for you today. This is another product I recently got sent from Beauty BigBang. I've seen a lot of white glitter nails doing the rounds in Instagram, so I was excited to give this look a go. I simply painted my nails white and sprinkled the glitter over them for some quick glam. I think it would have worked a bit better with gel polish, but I'm happy with how it turned out. These were actually really sparkly in real life. The only complaint I had about this is that in the pictures on the site it is in a little jar, but it came in a baggie, which as soon as I opened it I needed to find a spare container to keep it in. Good thing I have so much glitter I always have jars!
This glitter is available here. Be sure to use my discount code for 10% off - OMC.