Beauty BigBang LED lamp

Part of my last package I got from Beauty BigBang was this little LED lamp. It's only 9w but if you are doing your own gel polishes, then it does the job. It has 3 small LED lights in it, and a USB cable to power it. That is the thing I love most about it - I have mine attached to a portable USB charger so I can use it where-ever I like! It's totally awesome for on the go. It also has an automatic timer and turns off after 1 minute.

It claims that it cures all gel polishes - a big claim for a little device, but it certainly works on all the brands I have (although not on builder gel, but that's really not surprising!!).  Here was me trying it out using one of my trusty Azure polishes. The best part is that I did this while sitting out on my balcony! Love that portability.

If you need a little lamp for on the go or if you are new to the gel polsish world, then you need this! You can buy this lamp from their website here. SKU: B6725-1A-BK
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