Face of Australia Carnivale

Sorry I've been a little MIA lately... I had a death in the family and it's totally turned everything upside down. But it didn't stop me from buying too much polish, just need the time and a few extra hands to wear them all! But to get back into the swing of things, today I have 2 colours from the new Face of Australia Carnivale collection. Both are glittery textured polishes that took 2 coats for full opacity. I was actually really impressed with the quality of these considering how cheap they are - easy to apply and actually had fairly good wear time for a textured polish. I kept these on for 3 days before I decided to change, but even then they had minimal wear.
First is Ferris Wheel, a pretty shimmery teal with large pieces of glitter, and second is Masquerade which is the same thing in a lovely purple.
I bought these from Priceline, but you can also find your local stockists at the Face of Australia website.

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat

I am turning into a major sucker for any textured polishes, so when I went to Priceline a few weeks back and saw these babies in a display on the counter, I had to grab a couple of colours to play with. Dang these are thick - I had to be so careful and slow when applying so they were even, but at least it only took 2 coats to reach full opacity. They also try pretty darn quick. I found they chipped after a couple of days which is faster than other textured polishes I have, but I still quite liked how they looked. The formula was exactly the same for all colours.

Cotton Candies - bright pink.

Sour Apple - pastel green

Bubble Plum - pastel purple

Emily de Molly Cosmic Forces

I've been lusting after one of the forces by Emily de Molly for ages, and finally put in an order for a whole bunch of her polishes. So here is Cosmic Forces which is just SO pretty. I just couldn't get my camera to pick up on all the sparkly goodness. It's a stunning purple jelly with holo purple circle glitter as well as smaller hexes in purple and pink. The circles took a little bit of fishing to get out, but they just look so amazing that it's worth a bit of a fiddle. Here I am wearing 2 coats with 2 coats of SV to smooth it out. Emily de Molly polishes are available here