Shop With Me: Pro Nail Supplies Bankstown

Ages ago I did a write up about Pro Nail Supplies in Bankstown (check out the post here), but I wrote that back when all I knew about was polish. Now I actually know what to do with all the things they sell there, I thought I would share with you one of my more recent shopping trips.
You can see this place is pretty dark and dingy, but they have some great bargains. The main thing I was after today was a bunch of fun coloured acrylics to play with – they sell their own unmarked mixes for $5 each. Every time I go there seem to be different colours for sale, but that just makes me want to go back and buy more.
It is a little frustrating that there are no prices on anything, so I’ve jotted down the prices of the things I did ask about and made some notes of some of the brand they had there. According to the staff the reason they are so cheap is their stock comes straight from America – so it is legit product, but not all done through Australian suppliers. And I have said it before, but if you are a vintage polish collector this place is a goldmine!!!! 
I'm sorry for the blurry pics - I am currently working with an iPhone 4 and it just doesn't like being in low light!

OPI polishes $12
OPI powder perfection $20
Acetone $5
China Glaze $6
Gelée acrylic powders in Glow in the dark and mood $27
Le Chat Perfect Match

Pro Nail Supply
9 Greenfield Pde
Bankstown NSW 2200

These are all nail tips of every colour and shape!

And my $5 acrylic powders!

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Nail Roundup

This years Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weekwas filled with loads of stunning outfits, and of course stunning nails! I've collected together some of my favourite designs to share with you. Let me know what your favourites are or if there is a brand that I missed that had some killer art!

First up is Camilla - nails done by Miss Betty Rose. She made the most amazing samurai inspired tips for the show. Check out her work on her Instagram page and her Facebook page.

Natural nails seemed to be a big thing this year. Here are some pics from Christopher Esber - nails by Bernadette Leva of DLM, sponsered by Manicare.

Last up is from Romance Was Born - Opal Goddess. All these nails were done using polishes from CND. Scroll down to see my take on these nails (I'm no where near as skilled, but a girl's gotta try right?)!

Born Pretty Silicone Molds

If you’re anything like me, you own a million different acrylic coloured powders and yet always seem to just use nude and clear on your nails. So I am in love with silicone molds for using up some of my more crazy colours and putting some fun decorations on my nails. If you’re new to acrylic or haven’t used these babies before, they are super duper easy. It’s literally take a bead of acrylic, pat it into the mold, let it set enough so you can pop it out – but not so set that it’s totally hard so it should be slightly bendy so you can wrap in onto the nail. Glue down and ta-da! Pretty nails. If you want to get really creative you can put a couple of tiny beads in different colours into a mould or add some glitter to make them more colourful. And the best bit is they are like $1 each!

The 2 moulds I have used here are from Born Pretty Store. Roses here and Hibiscus here.

Scout Unicorn Dreams Collection

I recently got my hands on the new Unicorn Dreams collection from Scout and had to share! There are 3 colours of pastel magic. I've discussed this brand before, but everything I've said still stands... each polish is a breathable formula, made with vitamin-active superfoods, 5 free, vegan, organic ingredients. But all that natural goodness doesn't compromise the formula! Each of these polishes requires 2 coats and dries to a matte finish. They are really creamy and apply beautifully. The other thing that I've noticed is that they have almost no smell. It is so refreshing to apply polish and not drowning in the smell of chemicals! Scout Cosmetics polishes are really worth checking out if you're after a quality polish that is going to nourish your nails. And yes I sound like a walking advert - I'm sorry! I swear I'm not paid, I just love them that much!

Check out their full range of products at

Capricorn Dreamer

Peach Pony

Strawberry Fields Forever

Born Pretty Remover Wraps

In my latest nail mail from Born Pretty Store, I got a box of these gel polish remover wraps. Sure you can remove your gel polish using foil and cotton buds, but these are just so much more convenient! And they look a lot more professional than your own little cut up pieces. So the box contains 100 wraps - each is a square of foil with the cotton attached so you just need to add acetone. The cotton is the perfect size and even when I left them on for a long time to soak acrylic off, the cotton didn't budge (nothing worse than when it slides around and goes all gross!). 
You can get these wraps from the Born Pretty website here.