Pro Nail Supply

I'm pretty sure everyone in Sydney knows about this little gem, but if you don't go - go now! Pro Nail Supply is over in Bankstown that sells China Glaze, OPI, Orly, Essie, Seche Vite, and all the odds and ends you  need at a super low cost. Sure, they don't always have a great range and it can be quite hit and miss but I generally find there's at least a CG I can buy (although I wouldn't make a trip out for the Essie - I've never seen any new shades come in). CG and Essie are $6 a bottle, Orly is $7
and OPI is $12. They also have various box sets and minis but I've never bought any to find out the price.

So here was my little haul from my last trip:
CG DV8 (I nearly squealed a little when I realised that they still had a handful of the OMG collection. If I had more on me I would have bought the lot!)
CG Rare & Radiant
and a new bottle of SV (although they have started stocking Out the Door so I might give that a shot next time I'm there).

The best thing about this place is they always seem to be open! Sundays, public holidays, doesn't seem to matter! So there's never an excuse to go stock up  ;) (although be forewarned I find parking can be a bit of a biatch around there sometimes, so it's just easier to park in the Centro and walk! That and it gives me an excuse to do more window shopping !)

Pro Nail Supply
9 Greenfield Pde
Bankstown NSW 2200
website (prices on there don't reflect instore)

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