Aussie Glitter Brands

I've been on a bit of a glitter buying binge lately. My husband keeps joking that only need to walk past my nail room and you end up covered in the stuff. Fun fact Nuni Torres' encapsulated designs were the entire reason I originally got obsessed with acrylic nails. I would wear glitter nails 100% of the time if I didn't change my nail designs so often.
So seeing as I constantly have my eyes out for local companies to get my mixes from, I thought I would share the list I've made with you. If you know of any others PLEASE let me know. I will throw all my money at them!

Glitter Blendz (on FaceBook)

(special mention for eco glitter made from NON- GMO Eucalyptus cellulose.. how cool is that?!)

Nicole Diary Stamping Polish and Plate

I have 2 new products from Nicole Diary to share with you today. 

First up is a white stamping polish called Flawless Jade (Item no 295). It is a much thicker consistency to any other white polish I've used before, so you do have to work fast, but it means it picks up every little detail in crisp white when you stamp. It smells a little like acrylic paint, which is how it acts, but the outcome on the nail is awesome. 

The other item is a dreamcatcher stamping plate (Item no 326). I got this because I wanted to play with some double stamping - and this is a super cheap plate to try it out. You can create all kinds of multicoloured designs and perfect for that festival look. All the designs are etched really nicely and I had zero problems stamping off this. 

Be sure to use my code OMCT10 to get 10% off any purchase from Nicole Diary. 

Scout Cosmetics Nail Polishes

I have 3 new shades from Scout Cosmetics to share with you today. We're at the pointy end of winter here in Australia so I'm embracing everything spring coloured in anticipation of the warmer weather.
I know I've posted about these polishes before, but just in case you're new around here these are one of my fav brands. They're organic, vegan, 5-free, made with superfoods and have a breathable formula. But the thing that makes me love them is just how nice their formula is and that they don't smell! Each of the swatches below is 2 coats. They all dry to a semi matte finish, so I topped them off with a glossy topcoat. I particularly like the pink - it was impossible to pick up on camera but the colour is eye-searingly bright! If you want a neon colour that doesn't make you look like an 80's throw back, then this is it.
Check out their full range of products at

All Star

Stay With Me

Yes I Can

UR Sugar Builder Gel in a Bottle

I've noticed a bit of a trend popping up of builder gels in a bottle - there are quite a few brands that make them, and I know ORLY is making a big deal out of one they are releasing later in the year. But seeing as I have the worst addiction to Aliexpress in the world, I thought I'd grab these ones from UR Sugar to try out. So here are my thoughts. 
First off, I think the idea of builder gel in a bottle is great - especially for anyone who isn't a tech but wants to try doing their own nail extensions or even for a tech who wants to speed up their service. 
The first thing I noticed when I got these is that the consistency is in between a traditional builder gel and gel polish. This made it easy to apply, however because it is quite self levelling I found it almost impossible to build any actual structure to the nail. It isn't too thin at least so I put on 2 thin coats for the overall effect. 
So for my swatches I tried 2 different colours - the clear and nude. 2 of the nails I used forms and the other 2 I used tips. You can see that before I took my photos one of the form nails had already broken! I just couldn't build up the nail enough in the stress points to give them decent structure.  However the tip nails are totally solid. If you look at my thumb swatch further down I kept that nail on for over a week with no problems or lifting.
My biggest complaint - you will notice on the bottle that it says Soak Off. Well it is all lies! I tried soaking for over 20 min and it did not budge one little bit. The tips underneath disintergrated and the gel was still solid. So I had I had to file them all off which I was unhappy about. 

So all that said, if you are someone who has never touched acrylic before and wants a short extension - these will do the job so long as you use it over tips and are happy to file off. It is very easy to apply, it goes on just like polish and the clear is a really lovely crystal clear. 
However if you are a tech - just don't bother. But if you know of another brand that is better, please let me know! I love the concept but need to keep testing them out.