My Christmas Wishlist

It's Christmas time! You know how most people when you ask them what they would like as a present say that they have no idea? Yeah that's not me. I always keep running lists of things I really want - both nail related and non-nail related. So I thought I would post my nail Christmas wish list in the hopes it might inspire you with something you might like to treat yourself with, or if you know a nail tech, get some present ideas!

Unicorn Cuticle Oil - Emerson Crystals
I own a million cuticle oils, but I find I don't use them if they don't smell great, so I've been eyeing off the Unicorn Cuticle oils as they have loads of enticing scents and they all have a swirling sparkle in them so they look beautiful too! $11.99aud 15ml
You can never have enough stamping polishes. Even with my large collection I still find myself never having the colour I need for a design. So my current stamping lust is this pastel set from Hit The Bottle. $26.75aud for 5ml set

My dirty little nail secret is that even though I file my nails pretty much ever day, I don't actually have a dust collector. I just spend half my life wiping down surfaces and vacuuming. So I'm eyeing off this dust collector that's currently up for pre-order. I just really like this style! $129usd

A few months back I bought the Warrior brush from this set and it has been a game changer - a good brush makes life SO much easier! So now I need the rest of the collection. $16.90aud each.

Builder in a Bottle - ORLY
If you've read my older posts you will know that I love brush on hard gels, particularly to do my non-dominant hand, but the removal is always a pain. So I really need this one in my life as it soaks off!! It is currently for pre-order in Australia through Hawley. $TBC

I sorted through all my gels the other day and discovered an alarming lack of yellows, greens and blues. Opallac have so many nice colours - so I picked one for my list, but I'm also eyeing off Intoxicated, Appletini, and True Blue. $19.95aud

No one can ever have enough glitters, so I always have a wish list a mile long (did you see my past post of Aussie glitter companies?) This pretty mix is currently the very top of that wish list - it'st just perfect for doing summer nails once I stop doing Christmas designs! $5aud

Ok I am never going to able to afford this, but everything is this collection is just stunning. I have a shelf in my nail room where I get my most precious treasures that I will never actually use, and even one of these holo powders would look amazing sitting up there. $247.30usd

I actually work as a copywriter/journalist, so I don't have lots of time to do clients, but when I do I wish I had more than one pretty background to take their pictures on! Glitterati has SO MANY pretty designs to choose from. I secretly want them all! £9.99

Nail design training sheets - Ksenia Kupina
As I said further up I've been trying to increase my handpainting game, and I adore these kinds of swirly designs, so this template seems like an amazing idea! You get the design to print and laminate yourself and there's a video tutorial to take you through it. A class without leaving my home? Love it! €13

I always joke that I am a crazy cat lady in training because I live in a rental and can't have pets, but I ADORE cats. So the fact MoYou released a cat themed collection makes me so happy! £6.99

I love doing foil designs, but I like to do a full nail rather than this fad atm of just dabbing small amounts of foil on. Unfortunately I had mastered this with normal polish and transfer glue, but I just can't do it over gel as well. So I need this gel in my life so I have embrace having full nails of bling again. $25usd

Opallac Jelly Polishes

Opallac are on fire at the moment. They have just released 5 new jelly shades that are exclusive to their website. The jelly trend is quite polarizing in the nail world, but if you follow me on Instagram you will know I adore it. If you haven't heard of it before, it's when you have a clear nail extension on and then paint it with a sheer polish, making your nails look like jelly or glass. 
The thing that I think is really cool about these is that because they are sheer but also very pigmented you only need one coat to get the look, but it also means they are PERFECT for leadlighting. If you scroll to the bottom image you will see what I mean. To get this look you simply stamp a design onto the nail, then use a dotting tool to apply each colour. This has been around for ages in the normal nail polish world, but it works even better in gel. You don't have to worry about the polish drying up on your tools as you work, you can flash cure between each colour so there is no bleeding, and at the end there is no dry time! I am soooo in love! 
The Jelly range is available from Opallac's website, and they are $16.95 each. 

Jelly Frose

Jelly Mango Tango

Jelly Pina Colada

Jelly Lime Mojito

Jelly Maliblue

With mermaid powder on top 

The leadlighting look