Fishtail braid mani

So the other night I pulled my Urban Decay Rollergirl nail set and decided to have a play with it. I really do love how all the colours in this set look fantastic whatever combination you use them in. So using the gold, pink and purple I decided to give a fishtail braid mani a go. Here's a link to the tutorial I used on Pinterest. It's quite easy to do, just time consuming (but if you're just drinking wine in front of the TV all night anyway, it's an excellent way to keep your hands busy ;) ). Just make sure all the colours you choose are opaque with one coat or you will be waiting for it to dry for days!

Kitty nails

Today I have a surprisingly easy nail art design I'm currently rocking. I started out with 2 coats of OPI Sweet Heart, and once that was dry I painted on the cats and hearts with a small pointed paintbrush in Ulta3 Black Satin and then did the little bow tie in China Glaze GR8 and used a pin head to carefully dot it on. I admit, this is far from perfect, but it was my first attempt at doing free-hand nail art and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out!

Ruby Wings Festival

So I finally succumbed the other day and bought myself my first Ruby Wing polish. The colour changing thing seems to be popping up everywhere, but these polishes are based on sunlight rather than heat so whenever you go outside they change. And by change I don't mean a sissy dark shade to slightly lighter shade change, I mean holy crap my nails are a totally different colour change. Although many of their polishes are cremes, I had to get one of their few glitter polishes - Festival. It's very thick and gloopy, which made it a pain to apply. But at least you get full coverage with 2 coats (and then a whole lot of top coat or their really rough). But hey - that's nothing that can't be worked around and it really is spectacular.

Full sun
Ruby Wing is available on eBay (I got mine from beautyzone2007 ), and you can check out all their shades on their official website
I also just wanted to note that although I did buy this online, I popped into Pro Nail Supplies the other day to grab more top coat, and they had all of their Spring collection there for $10 a bottle!


I've been feeling far too lazy lately to do any proper nail art, but I've seen this one floating around Pinterest and thought 'hey! That doesn't look too hard and won't take the whole night!'. It's literally 2 coats of OPI Sweetheart (still my all time fav nude pink) with Ulta 3 silver glitter on the tips which is painted in a V shape. And then once that's all dried the detail is just done with a nail art pen (or a sharpie also works a treat).