Hit The Bottle Stamping Plates

Things have been a little quiet around here because in some non-nail related news I'm currently 4 months pregnant, and between constant exhaustion and morning sickness it's so hard to get motivated! I've also swapped from my usual acrylic nails to the Planet Vogue system - I know acrylic nails are safe during pregnancy but I do my own in a small space with not a lot of ventilation so I just don't want to expose myself to the fumes. Same reason I have massive regrowth on my hair!
But part of this all is trying to organize my piles of crap to make space, so I have been collating and arranging all my nails supplies. I have an absurd amount of stamping plates that I thought I would start doing some brand spotlights on for any newbie stampers out there!
So first up is my favourite Aussie stamping brand Hit The Bottle. Some of these I was kindly gifted and some I purchased.  Every single one is awesome quality. They are larger sized plates, so although they're more expensive than some others out on the market, you still get your monies worth! All are also etched really nicely and I had zero problem picking up any of the images. In case you're curious, I always use the Tricky Sticky stamper for all the stamping in my life. I also really love how unique the images on the plates are - they're all really fun and so great to work with.
So let me hit you with a tonne of images of each plate that I own (which is most of them whoops!) and some of the nail art I have done with them.