Urban Decay Rollergirl Nail Kit

So this collection from Urban Decay is a few years old now, but I've never actually tried their polishes before and the Rollergirl box set in the Sydney China Town night markets (there's a stand there that always sells UD and Stilla stuff). So of course I had to get it and give them a go! Each colour is nice by itself, but they really do look better altogether so I had to do a tape mani to show them for their full glory. And I have to admit I was pretty impressed. Almost all the colours apply with just one coat and are super glossy. The only one here that I had any problems with was the purple glitter - it required too coats and was just a little bit opaque as the top colour (mental note.. next time START with the sheer colour!).
Although this is an older collection now, there are still a few floating around eBay and Amazon, and it retails for about $29 (which is how much I paid).

Picture Polish Majesty

 A few weeks ago I introduced my work friends to Picture Polish, and of course it resulted in a large group order. I picked up quite a few Ozotics, which I'll put up swatch pics later, and one of the girls convinced me that I needed this baby as well. Majesty is a shimmery pale rose gold that's full of gold sparkle and holo flecks that come out in the sun. There is so much going on in this bottle that makes this a completely unique shade, and is now my absolute favourite gold. And the best part is there is despite it being so sparkly, there is no glitter in it so it's easy to take off! It is a little sheer, so here I am wearing 3 coats, although you could also wear it on top of other colours.
Sorry for so many pictures, but this is one that is impossible to photograph just how amazing it is!

Picture Polish is available through their website https://www.picturepolish.com.au

Pretty and shimmery in the shade

Full sun - the holo comes out

Sephora by OPI Looks Like Rain, Dear

I had a relative pop over the USA a few weeks ago and she brought me back an awesome gift from Sephora that I had to show off. This is Looks Like Rain, Dear from Sephora by OPI. It's an opaque gold that is jam packed with gold glitter and silver holo. It's a very yellow toned gold, but looks spectacular with the holo sparks in it. It is the most opaque glitter bomb I own yet which will make it perfect for some nail art! Here I am wearing 2 coats topped with one coat of SV - which made it quite smooth considering the amount of glitter in it!

Although we don't have Sephora in Australia, you can buy limited shades of theirs at http://www.tarazz.com.au or just stalk eBay!

A blurry close up of the bottle just to demonstrate how sparkly this is!
In the shade

Full sun

More nail foils...

The other day I was browsing through some different nail foils and came across some really pretty floral designs that I just had to buy. Here is the first one which I love because its actually transparent so I can layer it over any colour. I did originally try it over grey, but it just didn't look that nice so here is take 2 over my classic Light as Air China Glaze. Although I still couldn't get it to apply as nicely as I hoped (which I'm sure is just practice), it's no where near as obvious as it would be with one of the full coverage ones and I was really pleased with how it turned out.
These are from Shardee Nail Shimmers.