Picture Polish Majesty

 A few weeks ago I introduced my work friends to Picture Polish, and of course it resulted in a large group order. I picked up quite a few Ozotics, which I'll put up swatch pics later, and one of the girls convinced me that I needed this baby as well. Majesty is a shimmery pale rose gold that's full of gold sparkle and holo flecks that come out in the sun. There is so much going on in this bottle that makes this a completely unique shade, and is now my absolute favourite gold. And the best part is there is despite it being so sparkly, there is no glitter in it so it's easy to take off! It is a little sheer, so here I am wearing 3 coats, although you could also wear it on top of other colours.
Sorry for so many pictures, but this is one that is impossible to photograph just how amazing it is!

Picture Polish is available through their website https://www.picturepolish.com.au

Pretty and shimmery in the shade

Full sun - the holo comes out

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