Nailympia 2018 Entries Are Open!

It's that time of year again! Nailympia Australasia is getting close and the entries are now open. So here is a quick post with some details for all you techs out there that want to enter!

It will take place on the 8th and 9th of September - with the Beauty Expo Australia (gah I can't wait!!!)

The competition hosts a series of events with three divisions available for competitors of varying experience levels to enter. Nailympia Australasia 2018 includes 3D Mixed Media Boxed, Photographic, Flat Art and Runway Nails as pre-prepared entry categories, as well as the following live competitions:
UV Soak Off Gel Manicure
UV Gel Tip + Overlay
L&P Acrylic Sculpture
Perfect Match
Stiletto Nails
Reality Nails
Salon Nails
Fantasy Complete Look

A talented panel of global nail experts will judge the competition and an Awards Ceremony will take place at 4:00pm on Sunday 9 September at Beauty Expo. Some of the judges for this year’s competition include:
Alex Fox (UK)
Rachel Stevens (NZ)
Mirka Poikkeus (Finland)
Sarah Ison (Australia)
Elaine Watson (USA)
Alisha Rimando (USA)
Samantha Goddard (Australia)
Marian Newman (UK)

Winners will receive coverage in international press along with a series of additional prize opportunities. Previous editions of Nailympia have been featured in media such as VICE Media, Nails magazine, and Scratch Magazine UK.

Entries for the competitions close on Tuesday 28 August 2018. Full rules and regulations are available at

Beauty Big Bang Haul

Today I have a mini haul from Beauty Big Bang to share with you! 

So straight into it - the first item is gold holo fakes. I tried putting this into a sticky layer and a no wipe topcoat. This swatch is the no wipe as it gave really full coverage, but if you wanted a more speckled effect you can easily place these into a sticky layer and then top coat. I just went over black, but I think these would look really nice over a nude. And you can see in the sun that they are super holo! The pot was also super full which was a nice surprise for this kind of product. 
Click here to buy - Sku J6432

Next up is a nail tip display. I have a few of these, but seeing as I'm always practising my hand painting skills (and will never share because I suck!). But this is by far the prettiest stand I own. It has a kinda of rainbow reflective material in the bottom of the base so it changes colour depending how you look at it. It's kind of mesmerising. Like most of these stands the top attached with a magnet so you can easily change over your nails or to make it easier to pop into an LED lamp
Click here to buy - Sku J5760-1C

I have a major obsession at the moment with water decals - so I had to get the giant sheet of marble nail decals. It is one giant sheet with 12 different designs. They're all super pretty. The only downfall is that there are only 1 size for each nail, so you're not going to get a perfect fit (if you look closely you can see the edge lines on my nails). Still for the price it is a quick and pretty nail art.
Click here to buy - Sku J5747

Lastly I have a bottle of liquid latex. This is one of those staple items that if you don't already have a bottle, go get some right now. You won't regret it! I've tried a few different brands before and generally they all have a similar consistency, but this one is by far the least stinky! I also like that they have a range of colours to choose from - it's a purely cosmetic thing but I still like to keep all my nail table all purple and girly so it's nice this matches. It dries quite fast, peels of easy and is a great buy for the price!
Click here to buy- Sku J6427TM-1C

Beauty Big Bang - be sure to use my code OMC for 10% off

Insta-worthy Korean polish brands

If you are like me and spend WAAAYYYY too much time looking at #nailart on Instagram, then you would have seen all the countless adorable gel bottles on there, clicked through and noticed that they are all Korean, possibly even tried to google the brands you've seen, and come up with nothing. So I've been making a little list of each of the adorable bottle brands as I find them. Most don't have websites, but if you send them a DM they will sell to you. 

Above is Cats Me  cats_me_korea - 30aud per botte and free shipping over 50 bottles.

Sweet Candy sweetcandygel_korea  -25,000krw per bottle, and they actually do have a website!

Catwalk catwalk.official  - 24,000 won per bottle

Show Me show_me_korea - they are the only company that never replied to any of my messages, but their bottles are too cute not to add in.

 Gellyfit gellyfit - of course this is the biggest of all the brands that you see everyone using. Hit up their Australia page to buy - gfa_australia. They are range in price, but are about $27aud per bottle.

Got any other brands you think I should add, or would you like me to try any of these out? Let me know!

Personail Nail Wraps Q&A

I recently got introduced to a new-to-me nail wrap brand Personail. If you follow me on Instagram you would have already seen how much I love these! So many awesome designs to choose from, and they don't need a heater or any fancy stretching techniques to apply. It's literally peel them off the sheet and rub them onto your nail and file off excess. Sooooo easy! There is also a top coat you can use if you want to get long wear out of them. They're also super flexible, which is great when you wear acrylics and need something that can deal with the extra curve in the nail (if you scroll back a few months you will see the trouble I've had in the past with other brands!). It is an Australian brand and available at David Jones. Anyway, enough of my gushing.

I have a little Q&A with the lovely Alice Ho who owns Personail.

Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Alice and I am a 26 yr old designer, dog lover and most importantly nail art enthusiast. I started Personail Nail Wraps almost 3 years ago and now do what I love everyday as a career.

Why wraps? 
We tried a lot of different materials on the market, namely stickers. But we found that creating our own nail polish wraps had the best finish making it a beautiful way of getting nail polish on your nails without waiting for it to dry.

How did Personail start?
I first started Personail in 2015 as a passion project to solve a problem of mine. At that time, I was working as a designer on the weekdays and on the weekends I would religiously paint my nails with crazy nail art. This was taking up hours, and I ended up chipped and ruined nails, within a matter of days (sometimes minutes). I knew I had to find a solution to my problem, but I didn't want to be like any nail wrap company on the market that already existed. We wanted to have the largest range with the best quality and ingredients that are free from any nasties.

What makes your wraps unique?
Good question! Unlike many nail decals on the market that are made of regular vinyl, Personail is 100% nail polish - meaning it adheres to the nail exactly like nail polish but without the drying time AKA you can be ready to go in just 10 minutes.  We're design focused, and nail art aficionados; we’re an Australian Company that offers you a huge range (over 200 designs) of 100% nail polish wraps to suit any occasion and style. Think fun, fresh and one-of-a-kind designs that will inject personail-ity into any day of the week or outfit.

How do you come up with your designs and do you have a favourite?
I look at trends and most importantly what I would want to wear myself, there are so many personalities to cater for, so I always ask my customers and followers for feedback. My personal favourite would have to be our Watermelon nail wraps, they are absolutely adorable for the summer months and actually one of our first designs. They are on our permanent line because of how popular and well-loved they are. Followed closely by our classic Marble nail wraps perfect for all seasons and neutral enough to wear everyday!

Any tips for applying/wearing your wraps?
The most important part is prepping before applying our nail wraps, make sure you start with clean dry hands, any oil or cream applied before application of wraps may affect lasting relationships, if you want them to last up to 2 weeks add a swipe of top coat. It's that easy!

Anything you would like to add?
You can now purchase our nail wraps at selected David Jones - I promise you that you will find something there you will absolutely love. Follow us on Instagram @itspersonail to see what we get up to daily!

Shop With Me: DBC Hair and Beauty Supplies

I have a bit of a cheeky shop with me today – for once in my life I didn’t actually but any nail items. Yes you can all die of shock now. I was actually there to buy some waxing supplies (I do OCCSIONALLY do other beauty things that aren’t nails...). But seeing as this store has a good range of beauty/waxing/hair/nails, I thought you all might like a bit of a stick beak. 

So this is DBC over at Villawood here in Sydney. When you get there, the building is broken into two sides. The right side is all hair stuff, and the left is all nails and waxing. So all the pictures I have take are of the left side, because pffffffftttt hair (Leave a comment if you’re a hairdresser 😉 ). 

They don’t have the greatest range of brands in the world, but if you’re after some basics like cuticle pushers, or brands like Hawley or Gelish – they have solid stock of their range. I particularly like just how many of the Gelish dip colours they have – this is by far the largest range of colours I’ve seen in a store so far. 

I highly recommend making the trip to this store if you’re after a range of beauty products, particularly basics, as they will get you totally decked out. 

They do have a website, but you will need to sign up for a wholesale account to see all the goodies. The store itself is quite strict too about being trade – so make sure you bring some sort of ID with you. 

DBC Hair & Beauty Supplies 
6/171 Woodville Rd, Villawood NSW 2163 

Nicole Diary Forms and Rhinestone Picker

Today I have 2 new items from Nicole Diary to share with you. I have lots of pictures are both of these have already become staples in my collection and I'm really impressed with them.
First up is the duel-ended rhinestone picker. One end is a wax head and the other is a small metal tube that you can put a small amount of putty into for picking up those teeny tiny jewels. When it arrived, the wax head had moved in the box so it was a bit smooshed and flattened, but it still works a treat. And I'm sure if I warm it up a bit I will be able to reshape it. This has instantly made doing lots of gems a million times quicker. It didn't drop a single one when I was doing this mani. 

The second item is a stack of 100 nail forms. I honestly got these just because I thought they were so stupidly pretty. I normally just use those cheap gold ones that are everywhere, but these are so much better. They're quite long, nice tabs and they stick reaaalllyyy well - I haven't had a single one pop open on me which is a miracle. They also have little dotted lines you can cut to help get a better fit. Since I got these they have become my go to form. 

You can get all these items from Nicole Diary, be sure to use my code OMCT10 for 10% off. 

Dr Dana Nail Care System from Nu Skin

Incoming pic heavy post! I got sent this nail care system from Dr Dana / Nu Skin to try out and I am here to share my findings. Now I am generally pretty sceptical about nail systems just because if you use enough cuticle oil every day, you shouldn't need them. But I think this has just proven me wrong. I've been wearing acrylics a lot lately, so my nails are shot. So I put it to the test on the most peely dry nails you can imagine. 
The system contains 3 parts - a glycolic prep (as far as I can tell it's AHA for exfoliating dead cells from the nail, a 3 way buffer (to even out and give super shine), and a deep hydrating formula (not cuticle oil but some weird magic syrup).
Ok, step 1 you rub into your nail and it instantly made my nails look nicer. I did clean my nails before I did this, so it is obviously a deeper cleanse than you would get from the usual cuticle removers. Step 2 is a really good quality buffer. I didn't have to go to town on each section of it, and still go the craziest amount of shine! Step 3 confused me because it looks exactly like every other cuticle oil pen, but it's not. It's more like a thick gel consistency - nothing like I've ever tried but dang it worked a treat! 
It made a massive difference to my nails - and that was on just one treatment, as you can do this weekly. I also did a gel mani 24 hours late, and when I took that off they STILL looked amazing. Super impressed. 
So I'll drop all my pics below. Scroll to the bottom for before and afters so you can see the magic yourself.

The Dr Dana Nail Care System is from Nu Skin Australia and has a RRP of $61

Before After