Insta-worthy Korean polish brands

If you are like me and spend WAAAYYYY too much time looking at #nailart on Instagram, then you would have seen all the countless adorable gel bottles on there, clicked through and noticed that they are all Korean, possibly even tried to google the brands you've seen, and come up with nothing. So I've been making a little list of each of the adorable bottle brands as I find them. Most don't have websites, but if you send them a DM they will sell to you. 

Above is Cats Me  cats_me_korea - 30aud per botte and free shipping over 50 bottles.

Sweet Candy sweetcandygel_korea  -25,000krw per bottle, and they actually do have a website!

Catwalk catwalk.official  - 24,000 won per bottle

Show Me show_me_korea - they are the only company that never replied to any of my messages, but their bottles are too cute not to add in.

 Gellyfit gellyfit - of course this is the biggest of all the brands that you see everyone using. Hit up their Australia page to buy - gfa_australia. They are range in price, but are about $27aud per bottle.

Got any other brands you think I should add, or would you like me to try any of these out? Let me know!


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