Beauty Big Bang Haul

Today I have a mini haul from Beauty Big Bang to share with you! 

So straight into it - the first item is gold holo fakes. I tried putting this into a sticky layer and a no wipe topcoat. This swatch is the no wipe as it gave really full coverage, but if you wanted a more speckled effect you can easily place these into a sticky layer and then top coat. I just went over black, but I think these would look really nice over a nude. And you can see in the sun that they are super holo! The pot was also super full which was a nice surprise for this kind of product. 
Click here to buy - Sku J6432

Next up is a nail tip display. I have a few of these, but seeing as I'm always practising my hand painting skills (and will never share because I suck!). But this is by far the prettiest stand I own. It has a kinda of rainbow reflective material in the bottom of the base so it changes colour depending how you look at it. It's kind of mesmerising. Like most of these stands the top attached with a magnet so you can easily change over your nails or to make it easier to pop into an LED lamp
Click here to buy - Sku J5760-1C

I have a major obsession at the moment with water decals - so I had to get the giant sheet of marble nail decals. It is one giant sheet with 12 different designs. They're all super pretty. The only downfall is that there are only 1 size for each nail, so you're not going to get a perfect fit (if you look closely you can see the edge lines on my nails). Still for the price it is a quick and pretty nail art.
Click here to buy - Sku J5747

Lastly I have a bottle of liquid latex. This is one of those staple items that if you don't already have a bottle, go get some right now. You won't regret it! I've tried a few different brands before and generally they all have a similar consistency, but this one is by far the least stinky! I also like that they have a range of colours to choose from - it's a purely cosmetic thing but I still like to keep all my nail table all purple and girly so it's nice this matches. It dries quite fast, peels of easy and is a great buy for the price!
Click here to buy- Sku J6427TM-1C

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