A while ago, I managed to pick up the entire Face of Australia Glitterati collection from Kmart for an absurdly cheap price, and have slowly been working my way through them. The two I’m going to show you today are the ones I’ve now worn a couple of times and are by far my favourites from the collection.
First up is Heart of Glass – a pretty pastel pink with small and medium pink, purple and red glitter as well as red hearts that take some fishing to get out. But this is a super cute combination and only takes 2 coats to get opaque.

And this one is Saturday Night Fever – a multi coloured glitter bomb that has both round and square glitter in different sizes and colours. Sure I already have quite a few glitter toppers like this, but I do like the different shape combo. Here is one coat worn over an old Ulta3 that I just can’t remember the name of right now.

Overall these polishes are great for the price and totally worth checking out!
Face of Australia polishes retail for $4.95, and you can find your nearest stockist here.

Savvy polishes

Today is a mega swatch post! A few weeks ago Priceline had a sale on their Savvy polishes, and seeing as I had heard quite a bit about them I decided it was time to give them a go. They do make some lovely looking polishes, even though many of them are dupes. Can't say I loved the quality on these, but when they only cost me $2 each, I can't complain!

First up is Rock & Roll. Black jelly base crammed full of gold holo glitter of different sizes. Pictured is 3 coats with no undies. The polish was very thick and gluggy, but I think with a little bit of thinner and over black polish it would be very nice. But with 2 coats of SV over the top I still liked the look I got, it was just so thick it chipped very fast.

Next is Galaxy. This is quite sheer, so here I'm wearing 3 coats. It is a green/blue duochrome with a scattered holo. The shift is no where near as strong on the nail as it is in the bottle, but it still is quite pretty and although my camera didn't want to pick up on it, the scattered holo is quite sparkly and pretty. Totally worth it for the price!

Lastly is Love & Kisses. This is a topper filled with pink hearts and loads of shimmer. It has the usual problems of chunky glitters - you really need to fish the hearts out and if you don't put enough top coat on those little suckers pop right off. I have to admit to owning a gazillion heart glitter polishes, but if you don't have any it's not bad.

Savvy is $3 a bottle normally and is available from Priceline (just be prepared to go bin diving to find some good shades!)

Ozotic 730

This week I have another swatch I did a while ago, although this is one of the few polishes in my collection that I just keep wearing over and over. Ozotic 730 – an amazing red/orange gold duochrome. Ozotic do make so many amazing polishes, but their duochromes are by far the best I own. I’ve worn this one with a white and black base and by itself (which is what I have pictured here). In all honesty this is one that you can wear by itself.. you only need a couple of coats for it to be stunning. But if you want to savour your polish it looks exactly the same over a base. Apologies for so many pictures, but it’s impossible to show just how amazing this polish is!
Ozotic 730 is $12 and is available from Picture Polish.

Colorama Tutti Frutti

I’m in the process of moving house, which sucks so hard! But to make matters worse, I managed to break not one, but 3 nails clear off! Seeing as they were finally back to a length I liked, I’m a little bit devastated, and compounded by how dried out my hands have gotten from all the cleaning and my cuticles are even more feral than they normally are. But it’s not going to stop me from buying all the polish (hey there’s some kick-arse new collections out at the moment!).But for the moment I’ve got a couple of old swatches I’ll post up that I’ve had sitting in my draft folder.

Here we have Tutti Frutti from the Colorama range by Maybelline. This is a super shimmery pink that in the right light is purple. It has tiny specs of clear glitter in it which adds to the magic. It’s meant to be a top coat, but I loved how it looked in the bottle so much I wanted to wear it by itself. Here I have 3 coats topped with SV, and as you can see the colour is stunning, but the glitter as it builds up gets a bit gritty. But hey, it’s such a cheap and cheerful polish I’m glad to have it in the collection.

The Colorama range is available everywhere, but I picked mine up at Pharmacy Direct for $2.95.

Direct sun

Stamping spam!

I've just upgraded camera from a dodgy point and click to a proper SLR and I've been going through all my old photos to clean up my SD card and found a bunch of random old nail photos. So rather than deleting, I'm posting up a couple of my favs to share with you all!

Konad M77 stamped over a random OPI red mini (I have so many I can't work out what all their names are sorry!)

CH50 Cheeky Summer Collection stamped over Rimmel Misty Jade.

HD01-05 Holiday set from Bunny Nails (although I think they're no longer available) stamped over OPI Sapphire in the Snow - this is actually from my best friends wedding... and our nails all looked very awesome together!