Beauty Expo Roundup 2019

Last weekend was the Sydney Beauty Expo, and like every year I went a long to check out what was new in the nail world. I know there has been a little bit of tea spilled about this event this year so I know not as many nail techs went, but rather than go in depth into it, I'm here to share with you all what  you missed out on!
Although some of our favourite brands were missing, there were still lots of great brands there to check out. There were a lot of dipping powders systems, polishes and gels to looks at. So here are the new items that I saw and got excited about. 

First up was the SNS Air Ombre. I'm not hugely into the whole dip thing, but I have to admit these were a cool idea, and I will be picking up some when they hit my local supply store to see how well they work. They are spray bottles filled with dipping powder so rather than struggling to get the ombre effect with a brush, you can just spray it on. It almost looks like air brushing but WAY less expensive!

Apres was there for the first time this year, and this was the stand I was most excited about visiting. I have seen SO much around the internet about the Apres system and I desperately want to buy it for myself when I have the cash, but in the mean time I wanted to get a sample nail just to see how it feels on and see the whole application process. Long story short, I freakin love it! Below is a picture of the nail I got, and as I write this I have had it on for a week and it still looks perfect. So quick and easy, I will 100% be buying the system to use myself. Also I should probably mention that they do also have a great range of magnetic gels and alcohol inks - including a range of metallic ones that are very cool. 

Magpie Beauty were also there this year - I think this was their first time (but don't quote me on that, but certainly the first time I've seen them!). They sell all kinds of pretty gels, but their glitters are SPECTACULAR! I spent a good 10 minutes trying to work out which one to get - I was on an extremely/non-exsistant budget so don't judge. I ended up buying Rosie which is a pinky almost rose gold fine glitter and I sugared it on my nails and it is hands down the prettiest glitter I have ever worn. So yes, you need to go order all the glitter. Since the show I see they have also released an acrylic system, so be sure to go hit up their website and have a drool. 
Super close up of Rosie

But Victoria, you only care about nail art? Why on earth are you looking at pedicure treatments? Because these actually looked really neat! I don't personally offer pedicures but I did get suckered onto this stand with how incredible their demos looked. Footlogix is new to Australia and was developed as an alternative to using a scalpel to fix up crusty feet. They have a range of both professional items for techs to use, and home use treatments for customers to use between services. They have different products for a whole range of foot problems. And as someone who really struggles with dry cracking feet (and yes I do take care of them on a daily basis, they just hate me) I really love the idea of products that don't just tell you to scrub your feet constantly. I didn't pick up any on the day, but this has also gone onto my list of things to buy!

Young Nails always seem to have some sneaky cool new thing slip into their range. This fairs newbie I saw was the Synergy Gel in an applicator tube. It is traditional builder gel, but the tube means you can get it onto the nail without all the mess of picking up beads and getting sticky threads everywhere. The tubes also sit on your table this way up so the product is at the tip ready to go. 

Lastly was the huge range of gorgeous press-ons from Dashing Diva. I have a real soft spot for press ons personally - particularly as I can't do my right hand with acrylic very well so if I have to go somewhere that I want killer nails I do like to have press ons in my collection. Their range has short, long, toe nails, and even some Swarovki ones that were so incredibly bling! I got a sample one put on which was very pretty (although only stayed on my nail for a couple of days, but they claim they do last a week. I think proper prep is the key here! But I want to get a proper set and do a wear test soon). They are also great for when there are younger teens around who aren't great at keeping acrylics on but want nails for an event. In my head In my head I have a daughter of a client who is always jealous of mums nails, so there would be perfect. 
These are also available at Priceline, so anyone can pick them up.
Here is my teeny tiny haul. I got the tweezers from RAFN Australia because they had a cool holographic effect and were glittery, and as I said above this glitter because it is perfection in a bottle.
So what do you think? Did you go to Beauty Expo or have any cool new nail items you think I should look into? Let me know!
Visit Beauty Expos website here

Another Born Pretty Haul

I think I always have something from Born Pretty on it's way to me (as I write this I have 2 orders in the mail and another sitting on my desk!). I'm lucky enough that they occasionally send things to review but I also buy wayyy to much! So here is my not-quite-monthly round up of the Born Pretty items I have had on my nails lately. 
First up is a Nicole Diary stamping plate. Unlike many of the BP plates, this one didn't have any hard plastic backing, but is also very cheap so I can manage. The details on the plate are all nicely etched and transferred beautifully. For this design I stamped over a thermal gel polish topped with mermaid powder. 
I haven’t really played with polygel before, but I was offered to test out this cool one that is a thermal colour change! It’s purple in the cold and white/clear when warm. To make this nail I used a tip, then a silicone tool with alcohol as a slip to mould the polygel. And a water decal on top because I can’t ever leave a nail plain. I struggled to build the nail really smooth, but at least it was very soft to file.
Item #46409: Click here
Warm state

Cool state

Last up is a glow in the dark dipping powder. I think this was actually my favourite of this round of goodies. It's a gorgeous bright pink with a strong purple glow. I normally like to mix my dip powders with clear acrylic and use them with monomer, but for the full glow effect I did 2 layers of dipping over a nail tip. I will definitely be ordering more colours so I can wear them on my right hand (coz hey it's easier to dip on  your non-dominant hand than to sculpt out a full nail!)
Item #46478: Click here
And as always, if you do find anything full price on their website, you can always use my code to get 10% off - VHW10. No it's not an affiliate code or anything, just a discount code!

Nuskin POWERlips Fluid

A while back I got invited to an event for NuSkin as they were releasing the Dr. Dana>>>>, but while I was there they kindly gifted me 5 of the Powerlips Fluid lipsticks. I'm posting them now because now I'm starting to really wear makeup a lot and am trying out all kinds of different products, I've realised just how dang nice these are!
So they boast that they have avocado oil, vitamin E and beeswax in the formula, and that even though they are long lasting, they won't damage your lips. 
For me, I got super excited when I started wearing these and realised that I can go for hours without needing to reapply. Even through eating. They apply like a liquid lip and take a little while to dry down, but once they're dry those babies are not moving. Not at all. But you don't notice that it's there. I've had a few occasions where I've gone to the bathroom to reapply assuming it was all gone, only to discover I still have perfect lips. You have to be a little careful applying as it is a bitch to remove if it goes where you don't want it. However it's not as bad as some lip stains where you need to scrub your lips raw at the end of the day, it just takes a good dose of remover to get it off. It also doesn't leave my lips feeling dry and gross!
The only downside is that it's quite exxy, but that said it performs better than the handful of high-end lipsticks in my stash so it's probably worth it if there's a shade you want for daily use. 
So below I have put some swatches and a couple of terrible selfies wearing my fav colours (please keep in mind I am not a beauty guru, but hopefully it gives you an idea of what they're like on). 

Powerlips Fluid RRP $39aud
18 shades availble in the range. 

From top to bottom: Ambition, Perfection, Potential, Unleash, Bravery

Wearing Perfection

Wearing Bravery

Shop With Me: S.A. Hair, Nail & Beauty Supplies

In the top of the Dymocks building in Sydney CBD is this hidden gem. This is one of those stores that I have been meaning to go into forever (especially as they don't seem to care about being trade only so I was curious before I got my cert). I just live and work in the suburbs so if I can't drive somewhere I won't go. But I was in the city for an event so I thought I would pop in and check it out! 
So first up let me say I'm not sure how they work out for trade - they certainly don't care when you go in store and buy, and I seem to be able to order all kinds of pro things on their website with no problem. But there is a trade registration on the site too, so maybe it's cheaper if you do? I'm not sure so if you know let me know!  But that also means you're in luck if you're an enthusiast who wants to get their hands on some good polishes. 
So I wouldn't say their range is as good as nail only stores like Diamond Nail Supplies, but they certainly have a lot more than some of the other supply stores I've been to. They stocked lots of CND, OPI, Gelish and Hawley products, which are all great brands imo. They are a little bit more expensive than other stores (like China Glaze at $7.95 as apposed to $6 at Pro Nail Supplies) but they have some of the newer shades available and if you're a regular city goer it is very convenient. They also had quite a few bargain bins, which was filled with all kinds of fun things I could have spent a lot of money on if I had the cash on me!
The reason I went there this time (apart from just checking it out) was to pick up some Manic Panic - which certainly is cheaper than retail stores! I can't remember exactly what I paid but it was around $20. No I'm not a crazy colour person, I just like having a tint of red in my hair and wanted to add some to my conditioner. Works pretty well if you're curious. 
Anyway, scroll through the pics below to get a feel. Note as well that they have way more in store than they have on their website, so it is worth popping in in person. 

Phone : 02 9221 4188

Level 8, The Dymocks Building428 George St
Sydney NSW 2000

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, 8.30am - 6.00pm
Thursday, 8.30am - 7.00pm Saturday, 9.30am - 4.30pm
Sunday, CLOSED