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In the top of the Dymocks building in Sydney CBD is this hidden gem. This is one of those stores that I have been meaning to go into forever (especially as they don't seem to care about being trade only so I was curious before I got my cert). I just live and work in the suburbs so if I can't drive somewhere I won't go. But I was in the city for an event so I thought I would pop in and check it out! 
So first up let me say I'm not sure how they work out for trade - they certainly don't care when you go in store and buy, and I seem to be able to order all kinds of pro things on their website with no problem. But there is a trade registration on the site too, so maybe it's cheaper if you do? I'm not sure so if you know let me know!  But that also means you're in luck if you're an enthusiast who wants to get their hands on some good polishes. 
So I wouldn't say their range is as good as nail only stores like Diamond Nail Supplies, but they certainly have a lot more than some of the other supply stores I've been to. They stocked lots of CND, OPI, Gelish and Hawley products, which are all great brands imo. They are a little bit more expensive than other stores (like China Glaze at $7.95 as apposed to $6 at Pro Nail Supplies) but they have some of the newer shades available and if you're a regular city goer it is very convenient. They also had quite a few bargain bins, which was filled with all kinds of fun things I could have spent a lot of money on if I had the cash on me!
The reason I went there this time (apart from just checking it out) was to pick up some Manic Panic - which certainly is cheaper than retail stores! I can't remember exactly what I paid but it was around $20. No I'm not a crazy colour person, I just like having a tint of red in my hair and wanted to add some to my conditioner. Works pretty well if you're curious. 
Anyway, scroll through the pics below to get a feel. Note as well that they have way more in store than they have on their website, so it is worth popping in in person. 

Phone : 02 9221 4188

Level 8, The Dymocks Building428 George St
Sydney NSW 2000

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, 8.30am - 6.00pm
Thursday, 8.30am - 7.00pm Saturday, 9.30am - 4.30pm
Sunday, CLOSED


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