Grace-full Christmas Collection

Warning for a very picture heavy post! Because today I have the new Grace-full Christmas collection to share with you, and it contains 11 polishes that are all gorgeous. 
This collection will launch on October 31st at 8pm AEST. 

First up is I love Christmas - a green base with gold and green ultra chameleon flakies and red shred flakes.
This is 3 coats with a glossy top coat. You could go less but I really wanted that full on flakie effect. It is VERY shiny and screams Christmas. A must have for all us festive die-hards! 

Next is I Believe - Miracle 34th St - as always there is a Christmas Eve polish. A black jelly base full of silver holo reflective glitter and gold super holographic glitter. Bling doesn't even begin to describe this polish. My lights aren't great with reflective, but trust me the holo and reflective pop is insane. I love all the polishes in this collection but this is definitely my number one pick. Go buy it and thank me later!
  2 coats with 2 coats of glossy top coat (although it would be even shinier with a glitter grabber). First 4 pictures are in my light box with LEDs and the rest are using a flash.

To me you are perfect - Love Actually - a super pretty rose gold - gold - coppery gold multichrome. I'm glad I'm not the only one who adores Love Actually as a Christmas movie! This is a pretty shimmery polish that shifts at the edges. It's not a super obvious shift but it's definitely there and it's a very classy polish.  2 coats with top coat.
Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins - an emerald green base with glass flecks. This is on the verge of being a teal (my favourite colour base for polish!). It's packed with the glass flecks which give it a really metallic finish. 2 coats with a single top coat.
 It’s all humbug, I tell you - the first polish inspired by the Christmas Beetle picture from Kate.  With an orange base there is a contrasting Aurora shimmer in green, gold and a pink/red shift. 
Normally I only go for oranges if they're eye-searingly neon, but this the shimmer in this polish makes it so shifty and pretty that it comes in as a close second favourite in this collection. This is one of those "whoops I wasn't listening because I was looking at my nails" kind of polish. 2 coats with top coat. 
Topo Gigio is a topper the second polish inspired by the Christmas beetle photo with Aurora shimmer in purple and green with orange and green iridescent glitters. Ok I know the description SAYS it's a topper, but I still had to try it by itself because it was so pretty in the bottle. 3 coats for full opacity and its GORGEOUS. It has that subtle ethereal effect and shift that is mesmerizing.
hap - hap - happiest Christmas - a purple base filled with UCC in bronze/red, pink/gold/blue/pink, purple/blue/pink. This is a crazy flakie bomb that has a dark to light purple shift as an overall effect, but it seems to change in every light. 3 coats for full opacity (but you probably only need 2).
Love is All Around - a deep matron red Aurora shimmer with gold flakes. This is a really rich deep red with the aurora shimmer giving it a gold/green shift at the edges. The gold flakes are subtle but give the polish a really pretty effect. 2 coats, 1 tc.

An Angel gets their wings - a soft pink with a gold Aurora shimmer throughout. I was astounded at how opaque this polish was! Pastels always seem to be streaky and take 3 coats, but this was only 2 and it was an easy formula to work with (not too thick at all!). The gold shimmer really pops in the sun and it’s another classy work appropriate shade. 2 coats, 1 tc.

Season of Perpetual Hope - a stunning Aurora shimmer that moves through sage green, gold, turquoise and blue with crystal colour shifting flakes in pink, blue and purple. 

This baby shifts around so much it was impossible to get it all into one photo! It is teal in some light, blue and even gold in others. Another mesmerizing shade! 2 coats 1tc.

Last up is The Bell Still Rings - a red holo reflective glitter. This is like the black on up top - and really stupidly sparkly polish that feels like a disco ball on your fingers! Here I’m wearing 2 coats with 2 coats of tc, but could use glitter grabber. First 4 photos under LEDs, the rest with flash. 
That’s it! You made it through my wall of pictures (you should see the state of my camera roll!). Which of these shades are you planning to grab on launch day?