Femme Fatale Pools of Vision

 Hey guys! I swear this will  be my last FF for at least a week... I just have so many I need to get through! But here we have Femme Fatale's Pools of Vision. This is a bunch of cool coloured glitters in grey, blue and green in an off white base. Here I am wearing 2 coats by itself, although I think it could have used another just to get more glitter happening. I was feeling lazy so didn't do a lot of fishing which is why there isn't as much as I'd like, but I still think it looks quite nice. But the main reason I bought this polish is that it glows in the dark! I had heaps of fun playing around with it, but was an absolute nightmare trying to take a photo of it glowing! Even with all my fancy camera equipment I just couldn't get it to come out properly. So apologies for the dark grainy photo, it was the best I could do but at least you can see the lovely glow you get!

Femme Fatale Hydraxia

I'm always a sucker for teals. It's my favourite colour and hence I end up buying every polish I see in it. And boy is this latest one a beauty! This is Femme Fatale's Hydraxia - a glitter bomb of hex and square glitters in different sizes all in teal, grey and gold. Here I am wearing 2 coats over 2 coats of Ulta3 Striking, which is such a sparkly combination that I can't stop staring at my fingers! Formula was great - it was super easy to apply, just needed two coats of SV to smooth down all the glitter.

Jindie Nails Candy Land Remix

So in the stinking hot of summer in Sydney (it's currently 35C (95F)), it only seems right  that I need to have a bright fun mani! This is something I picked up in the boxing day sales from Femme Fatale Cosmetics.... I'm beginning to sound like  permanent advert for them, but they just have such a great range for us Aussie girls to buy from! 
This is Jindie Nails Candy Land Remix. Loads of different sized coloured neon hex glitters in a white base. Here I'm wearing 3 layers of it alone, but I think it would also look good layered of plain white so you aren't covering the crazy brightness of the glitter. I didn't do any dabbing or fishing - what you see here is just applying without any fuss at all. It took 2 coats of SV to smooth out the glitter. So much love for this polish - it really is the most fun one in my collection at the moment and I feel like there's an 80's disco happening on my nails right now. 

Femme Fatale Burning Blossom

I'm back from my mini holiday away, and I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's break! I bought a whole bunch of new polishes in the Boxing Day sales which I'm waiting to arrive in the post and then i can spam you all with swatches! But in the meantime let me show you one I got in my last order. 
This is Femme Fatale's Burning Blossom. A soft orange with black, neon orange and pink glitter in it. I'm not normally a big fan of oranges, in fact I think I only own a couple of them, but I fell in love with the swatches of this one and wanted to give it a go. And as always with the Femme Fatale polishes I'm so glad I did! It's a particularly flattering shade and always gets compliments. Here I am wearing 3 thin coats topped with 1 coat of SV.
Femme Fatale Cosmetics are available from http://femmefatalecosmetics.com.au/

Happy New Year everyone! Here's to 2014 being and excellent year of polish (and a token photo I took of firework where we were staying ;) )

OPI Honey Ryder

I hope you all had a fab Christmas and New Year!  I'm just throwing up an old swatch today, because as you read this I will be up the coast fishing! Need to make the most of the little time off I get, and who can say no to some sun and sand? So here is OPI Honey Ryder from the Bond Girls Collection. This is another great liquid sand... I do seem to have a thing for them at the moment! But although the others I've tried have been good, the OPI ones are still my favorite. This one is a pale metallic gold with tiny bits of glitter. It's very shimmery even once it's dried down. Here I am wearing two coats, although you could almost get away with one!

 And while I'm here in post-Christmas euphoria, here is a quick snap of my haul - particularly excited to finally get my hands on some KPT polishes, so expect a post all about them real soon!