Shop With Me: Manning Hair and Beauty Supplies (Taree)

This Shop With Me is a little left of field as this store is up in Taree rather than my usual Sydney haunts. I have family that lives in the area, so I went up to visit a few weeks back, and as I was away for a week and didn't think to bring any nail supplies with me, I dropped in to pick up some acetone to remove my nails (I don't break my nails often, but when I do it's always when I'm not in a position to easily fix!). But considering that this was one of the first areas to get hit badly by the bush fires, I was also determined to buy lots of local goods so it worked out - you should see how much cheese also came home!
Although this store may not be the size of some of the Sydney ones we have, I was very surprised by what an awesome range of nail items they had! They mainly carried Hawley and Joss/Perfect Nails items, both IMO are great ranges but they had a great assortment of nail art goodies like crushed shells and coloured acrylic, stamping polishes and scented cuticle oil that had me very excited. Coz hey a girl can never have too much cuticle oil right?
They also had a section of waxing supplies and a back area dedicated to hair. 
The haul I left with wasn't huge, but I was very happy - a cuticle oil, acetone and holographic stamping polish (for an upcoming post I am working on)! 
This is a trade only store, although I don't think they're too worried if you are after items that you can't do damage with (like bleach and monomer....). I will 100% be visiting next time I'm in the area, and if you want to support a fire affected town as a nail tech, this might be a good place to look for. 

Scroll to the bottom of the post for a couple of bonus snaps that I took at Wallabi Point - the coastal area just off Taree. It's pretty devastated but it rained the entire time I was there and there were shoots of green coming back which was nice to see. 

Manning Hair and Beauty Supplies
4/47 Crescent Ave, Taree NSW 2430
Phone (02) 6551 5277

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