Born Pretty January Roundup

Born Pretty have changed up how they do PR a bit and send things more or less at random, so this latest set I got sent for review wasn't exactly all my choice, but I'll never say no to having more gels in my collection. They also wanted their items to be linked to their various sales platforms, although of course all these items are on their store and I find always cheaper on AliExpress.

The first polish I have here is SST01 - its thermal AND UV colour change! The light/dark blue is inside and the light/dark purple is outside. It also is packed full of fine glitter which is silver and holo! Here I am wearing 2 coats with their white stamping polish. .

Next up is Midas Touch. This is a gorgeous opaque gold. I paired it with the BP gel stamping polish to paint on the black leopard print (pity even after curing it was a little smudgy!). I am wearing 2 coats but this was very opaque for such a metallic shade which is nice!

I can't say I adore gel stamping polishes, they look great but are a pain to clean up! But this is a very pretty metallic green. As with all gel stamping, it picks up fine lines really well and give you all the time in the world to you it right. I know I’ve said it before but these stamping gels make for the best hand painting! They’re so pigmented that they are very versatile, and this particular shade is very shimmery and pretty!
Check out their full range of colours at .

Next is Confidante. This is a case of looking stunning in their pictures, but looks totally different in person. Theirs looks like an opaque holo pink, but in reality it's a sheer pink flakies. Here I am wearing 3 coats (which is why they look so thick and a little misshaped) and topped with some stamped stars with glitter which I think still looks very pretty, just not what I thought! Still this range of gels does have a few gems in it.
Check them all out here: .

The last of the gels is Morning Gorgeous- a shimmery SUPER sheer pink. From their swatches I didn’t expect it to be quite so sheer, I’m wearing 2 thick coats here, but it does have a nice sparkly elegant feel to it. To jazz it up I stamped over it with plate BP Flower Tango S001 with Pure white stamping polish.

This last item was a bit of fun - alcohol ink brush pens that you can just draw straight onto the nail with. It works just like if you took a sharpie mixed with alcohol and painted on, so you might want to use a little pure alcohol to move the ink around on the nail, but it is certainly a fun way to use this kind of product and comes in a bunch of colours. .

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