Focallure Review and Looks

I've seen a lot of people online talking about the brand Focallure, it's crossed my feeds before, but as it is a brand directly from China and available on Aliexpress I have been a little suspicious of it. But in the last big Ali sale I decided to bite the bullet and but a few things to try out. They claim to be cruelty free (and have the bunny logo on the packaging) - although I would love to get that verified. 
I got a black liquid eyeliner, a holographic glitter eyeliner, 2 liquid eyeshadows, and a lippy. 
Glitter Eyeliner
Shade5 - Party
This was pretty disappointing, although I'm sure I will find some use for it. It's just so sparse that you can't see it unless you really layer up hard. I can see you might be able to work with it as a topper over black eyeliner if you just wanted to add a little sparkle, but I think there are much better items out there to get the look with. I just wish there was more holo makeup on the market!
You can see the subtle metallic golden effect. It's super elegant!
Chameleon Liquid Lipstick 
#40 Rose
I actually loved this lippy. The colour had a very slight duochrome effect to it with a gold shimmer to it. It wears pretty nicely too - just good luck getting it off! Definitely long wearing! It dries down to a slight sticky feeling, which can be a tad annoying, but I have faarrrr more expensive brands that feel worse! This is definitely worth picking up and I will be grabbing a few more shades.
My glorious panda eyes from the eyeliner
Black Eyeliner 
I am yet to find a really cheap eyeliner that works how I want it to, so I didn't have high hopes for this guy. It wasn't to bad to apply and was a nice opaque black, but I wore if for a day in my air-conditioned office and by the time I got home I had the worst panda eyes known to man. For once I was grateful I wear glasses so it wasn't as obvious! And yes it was the eyeliner - the mascara was my usual Benefit that I swear by and doesn't budge. This isn't something I would add to my makeup kit, but I'm adding it to my emergency car kit as it is fine if you're popping out for dinner but don't expect it to be long wearing.
Diamond over my normal basic nude eye look. You can see it's sheer but grabs the light.
Liquid Eyeshadow
1 Diamond, 13 Amethyst Crush
Oh boy these liquid eyeshadows, oh boy. They. are. STUNNING! Both have the same problem a bit that they want to work their way into your creases and folds and you need to do some careful patting application, but they are so beautiful it's worth it!
The Diamond was a sheer white with a wild blue kick - you will want to put this over another colour. It's definitely a topper buy the shimmer is out of this world!
Amethyst Crush I would describe as a rose gold with a gold duochrome effect. It's still a tad sheer so I think it would still be best over something, or layered with a really good primer. But it's very metallic and in the right light the shift is superb. Both of these I have added to my daily kit and will 100% be grabbing more shades.
Amethyst Crush - Still a tad patchy so best over a similar colour, but very shiny and pretty
This is a terrible shot, but I did this so you can see the duochrome effect that pops out in the right light
Rubbed down with some water. That lippy did NOT want to come off!
Wearing the Diamond liquid eyeshadow and Rose lippy. 
I did also want to quickly throw in a note that as much as I quite enjoyed their products, they do have a subscription box called Babebox. I wanted to mention this as I am always seeing ads for it on FB with the whole 'get your first box free' - I mean nothing is really free but I've seen a lot of people complaining because they then make you buy the box after it even though it doesn't say it anywhere in the T&Cs that you're obliged to. That and considering how cheap their stuff is on their site and Ali, I'm not sure it's worth it. But hey they are apparently trying to get more brands on board so maybe it will improve. Just don't get sucked in atm.

If you want to check out their full range, you can check their Ali store here, or go directly to their website here.

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