Beauty BigBang French Dip Tray

Dip powders are all the rage at the moment. It's not something I do often, just because I change my nails WAY to often to be bothered with it, but I did get send a French Dip Tray to try. It seems straight forward enough - pour a little white powder into the dish and then side your finger in to create your white french line. As you can see from my attempt, it's not quite as perfect as you'd like! I just couldn't get a good curved smile line, although I'm sure I could get it better with some practise. Their website does say there are different guides for different smile lines, but there are no instructions with it, so it is a little trial and error. That said I'm sure if you are a regular dipper, this would be a life saver, because dipping french with no guide at all would be a nightmare.

Gradient Brush Sku: J6328 - available from Beauty Bigbang here
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Beauty Bigbang Gradient Brush

In my last package from Beauty Bigbang, I got send an ombre brush to try. I normally do everything with sponges as I find them really easy, but I've seen a lot of great work done with these on Instagram. So I gave it a go - and don't now if I'm converted, but I can see with some practise it would work amazingly. The nails here were me second attempt. I did a set with white and blue, and those pictures will never see the light of day because it was that bad! I started by swiping up and down with the brush, and I just couldn't get a good gradient with it. So after some research, I redid the set with red and black by swiping side to side. The trick was you need to keep wiping off the brush, or else it clumps and starts getting streaky. I did 2 coats to get this look. If you are new to the gel ombre game then I do recommend getting one these to try out to test. They are cheaper than using a tonne of sponges and who doesn't like having an extra bling brush in their collection?
Gradient Brush Sku: J5677-1C - available from Beauty Bigbang here
Be sure to use my code OMC for 10% off.

My First Efile

I've written before that I am undertaking nail school so after many years of playing with my nails, I can finally get certified for it! I've had to stop putting off buying all the big scary items that seemed too daunting, and I wanted to share with you a few of the items I've picked up to deck out my nail studio. 
So let's take today to have a chat about nail drills. I will preface everything I am about to say with I am well aware that everyone says any nail drill that is under $200 is not worth wasting your money on. But hey, I'm a student with large amounts of debt who has never used a drill in my life! I have my heart set on buying the Kupa ManiPro when I can afford it, but for the moment I picked up this $50 cheapie off eBay to learn on.
As it was from an Aussie seller, it did have an AU plug (which was the sole reason I bought locally rather than from China). It also came with a foot peddle, hand piece holder (even though you don't need it) and a set of bits. It does go forwards and reverse, and goes to 30,000rpm - all good selling features for how cheap it was! You change the bits by simply twisting the black band on the handpiece to pop them in and out. The body of the machine is much smaller than I thought it would be, so it doesn't take up much room on my nail table. 
I have had mine for about a month now and use it ALL the time - I swear I change my gel polish every day! And so far so good! 
The downsides - the torque and the vibration. These are 2 things I didn't have high expectations for. It does make a bit of noise and you do feel a bit of vibration while using it. It is fine while doing one set of nails, but I can see it would drive you nuts if you were working all day with it. And if you put too much pressure on your finger with it, but bit will stop spinning. Not ideal, but it does still do the job. 
Verdict? Ok I don't expect this to last me more than 6 months, but if you're like me and haven't used a efile before and wanted to try one out, then this totally does the job. For those out there that are like me and are dabblers in acrylic, then this is a good way to play.

Beauty Bigbang Gel Top Coat

A quick post today to share with you the latest of my gel topcoats. I do own quite a lot of gel top coats as I am really picky about them. But I wanted to try out this one - Lily Angel  from Beauty Bigbang. It is a no wipe top coat. And ever since I have gotten it, it is the only one I have used. It has a really nice consistency, so it isn't too thick and doesn't run everywhere. And 30 seconds in my LED lamp and it's done. It has a super finish to it that doesn't seem to dull (or at least not during the week I've had it on). The only downside is as it is a cheaper polish, it does have a bit of a smell to it. But the all important fact - it does work really nicely for chrome powders. 
UV Top Coat Sku: J2845 - available from Beauty Bigbang here
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Born Pretty Store Products

I got sent another bundle of products from Born Pretty Store a few months ago, and I have been slowly sharing them on Instagram - but here they all are together! I don't think I need to keep saying it, but I do love their products. So darn cheap and always decent quality. Be sure if you are going to buy anything full price to use my code VHW10 for 10% off.

The first item is a thermal stamping polish. How cool is that! I think I will need all their colours. It is dark blue with cool and turns light blue when warm. Thermal stamping polish (# 41003) in shade 8.

I have tried a bunch of different rose gold chrome powers - and to be frank most of them have been pretty sub-par (teaches me for buying cheap crap off eBay). So I was stoked when I tried this one and discover it's everything I've been wanting. This is over a black gel polish. Rose Gold Chrome (# 41404).

This chrome power was meant to be rose gold as well, although you can see it isn't overly rose and is more on the gold side. But it is super chrome, super holo and super pretty! Item #41375 

If you've been reading for a while, you probably have worked out that I seriously adore nail foils. So it's not surprising that I just love these holo unicorn ones. Item #41280.

Here we have some simple stamping using the butterfly stamping plate, over Birefringence from ILNP. Item # 41068.

 Just when I think I'm done with chrome I get sent this. Pink hue, blue shimmer and subtle holo. Ugh it's divine! Holo mermaid chrome (# 41266) in shade 6.