Beauty BigBang French Dip Tray

Dip powders are all the rage at the moment. It's not something I do often, just because I change my nails WAY to often to be bothered with it, but I did get send a French Dip Tray to try. It seems straight forward enough - pour a little white powder into the dish and then side your finger in to create your white french line. As you can see from my attempt, it's not quite as perfect as you'd like! I just couldn't get a good curved smile line, although I'm sure I could get it better with some practise. Their website does say there are different guides for different smile lines, but there are no instructions with it, so it is a little trial and error. That said I'm sure if you are a regular dipper, this would be a life saver, because dipping french with no guide at all would be a nightmare.

Gradient Brush Sku: J6328 - available from Beauty Bigbang here
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