Beauty Bigbang Gradient Brush

In my last package from Beauty Bigbang, I got send an ombre brush to try. I normally do everything with sponges as I find them really easy, but I've seen a lot of great work done with these on Instagram. So I gave it a go - and don't now if I'm converted, but I can see with some practise it would work amazingly. The nails here were me second attempt. I did a set with white and blue, and those pictures will never see the light of day because it was that bad! I started by swiping up and down with the brush, and I just couldn't get a good gradient with it. So after some research, I redid the set with red and black by swiping side to side. The trick was you need to keep wiping off the brush, or else it clumps and starts getting streaky. I did 2 coats to get this look. If you are new to the gel ombre game then I do recommend getting one these to try out to test. They are cheaper than using a tonne of sponges and who doesn't like having an extra bling brush in their collection?
Gradient Brush Sku: J5677-1C - available from Beauty Bigbang here
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