Emily de Molly Monet's Garden

I have a real quick one for you today!  And yes I’ve had a lot on this week and in the middle of it broke a nail so I’m back down to nubs again. But I bought a whole bunch of consolation polish, and here is one my new additions. It’s Emily de Molly’s Monet’s Garden. I don’t own many green polishes, but this one just looked so pretty I had to try it and I totally love it. There is a huge mix of green glitters in different shapes, sizes and shades along with some tiny pink and purple glitter. It really does look like an impressionist masterpiece! Pictured is 2 coats with a coat of SV over the top. The first two are in natural light, and the last is at night just because I think it gives a better look at how the pinks and purples come out. It was quite a hard one to get the camera to pick up on everything, but trust me that this is a stunner!
Emily de Molly is available from her online store here, FemmeFatale Cosmetics, and she also has a large list of international stockists on her site.  

Ruby Wing Cinnamon Bun

I feel like I say this every week, but I swear I really mean it this time. This is the sexiest colour ever! When Ruby Wing announced all of their Cupcakes and Champagne collection, I thought this looked really blegh, but then I saw the whole collection in person and fell in love. Cinnamon Bun is a browny bronze to gold duochrome that goes a really deep shade of purple in the sun. It’s the first colour changing polish I’ve had where I’ve been mesmerized by the colour before I even saw the change. And it also smells like cinnamon – just like Big Red chewing gum (thank goodness I love the stuff or otherwise I think it might be a bit overwhelming). Here I am wearing 2 coats topped with SV. It applied beautifully. The first 3 shots here are all inside, just trying to show you how fantastic the shift is, and the last one is in full sun.

Layla Softouch

Today I just have a quick swatch to show you - this is Layla Softouch Effect in Turquoise Splash. What I couldn't get to show up in the photos is that it has quite a green shimmer effect to it and is very pretty. I bought it on a whim without really knowing what they meant by 'softouch', but I have to say it's very different in a good way! It's not matte and it's not velvet, it's just soft. When you run your nail over it, it does feel like a very fine matte, but when you touch it it doesn't feel like any other effect polish. Shown here is 2 coats without any topcoat, and it dried super quick! I love it and am a little sad I didn't buy any other colours of it! Although this an old range, there are still plenty floating around on eBay and you can also buy them from Ninja Polish


I picked up these adorable bows a couple of weeks ago and have been hanging to create a mani around them. Normally I would have put them on my ring fingers, but they were just that bit too big so thumb it was! I've never had much luck getting 3d elements to stay glued to my nails, but this time around they stayed on there for 3 days, and only came off because I got bored of them! How? I did something very very naughty (and spent those 3 days freaking my nails would fall off!). On those thumbs there is 5 coats of polish, and once that was all dried, I used a small amount of e6000 glue - which if you haven't used it before is insanely strong glue mainly used for craft. Those babies weren’t going anywhere! But of course because there was so much polish underneath, once you started taking the polish off, the bows popped right off. And once off you could also pull the glue off them so they can be reused! Will totally have to try this again with the other bows I bought (and if I accidently loose a nail in the process, I only have myself to blame!). And in case you're wondering the green polish is 3 coats of Rimmel Misty Jade.