Layla Softouch

Today I just have a quick swatch to show you - this is Layla Softouch Effect in Turquoise Splash. What I couldn't get to show up in the photos is that it has quite a green shimmer effect to it and is very pretty. I bought it on a whim without really knowing what they meant by 'softouch', but I have to say it's very different in a good way! It's not matte and it's not velvet, it's just soft. When you run your nail over it, it does feel like a very fine matte, but when you touch it it doesn't feel like any other effect polish. Shown here is 2 coats without any topcoat, and it dried super quick! I love it and am a little sad I didn't buy any other colours of it! Although this an old range, there are still plenty floating around on eBay and you can also buy them from Ninja Polish

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