Ruby Wing Cinnamon Bun

I feel like I say this every week, but I swear I really mean it this time. This is the sexiest colour ever! When Ruby Wing announced all of their Cupcakes and Champagne collection, I thought this looked really blegh, but then I saw the whole collection in person and fell in love. Cinnamon Bun is a browny bronze to gold duochrome that goes a really deep shade of purple in the sun. It’s the first colour changing polish I’ve had where I’ve been mesmerized by the colour before I even saw the change. And it also smells like cinnamon – just like Big Red chewing gum (thank goodness I love the stuff or otherwise I think it might be a bit overwhelming). Here I am wearing 2 coats topped with SV. It applied beautifully. The first 3 shots here are all inside, just trying to show you how fantastic the shift is, and the last one is in full sun.

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