Born Pretty Remover Wraps

In my latest nail mail from Born Pretty Store, I got a box of these gel polish remover wraps. Sure you can remove your gel polish using foil and cotton buds, but these are just so much more convenient! And they look a lot more professional than your own little cut up pieces. So the box contains 100 wraps - each is a square of foil with the cotton attached so you just need to add acetone. The cotton is the perfect size and even when I left them on for a long time to soak acrylic off, the cotton didn't budge (nothing worse than when it slides around and goes all gross!). 
My only complaint is that I have quite fat fingers, so they didn't wrap 100% completely around akl my fingers - my thumb was particularly annoying. This didn't stop them from working, just a little uncomfortable. 
You can get these wraps from the Born Pretty website here.

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