Scout Unicorn Dreams Collection

I recently got my hands on the new Unicorn Dreams collection from Scout and had to share! There are 3 colours of pastel magic. I've discussed this brand before, but everything I've said still stands... each polish is a breathable formula, made with vitamin-active superfoods, 5 free, vegan, organic ingredients. But all that natural goodness doesn't compromise the formula! Each of these polishes requires 2 coats and dries to a matte finish. They are really creamy and apply beautifully. The other thing that I've noticed is that they have almost no smell. It is so refreshing to apply polish and not drowning in the smell of chemicals! Scout Cosmetics polishes are really worth checking out if you're after a quality polish that is going to nourish your nails. And yes I sound like a walking advert - I'm sorry! I swear I'm not paid, I just love them that much!

Check out their full range of products at

Capricorn Dreamer

Peach Pony

Strawberry Fields Forever

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