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I got sent another bundle of products from Born Pretty Store a few months ago, and I have been slowly sharing them on Instagram - but here they all are together! I don't think I need to keep saying it, but I do love their products. So darn cheap and always decent quality. Be sure if you are going to buy anything full price to use my code VHW10 for 10% off.

The first item is a thermal stamping polish. How cool is that! I think I will need all their colours. It is dark blue with cool and turns light blue when warm. Thermal stamping polish (# 41003) in shade 8.

I have tried a bunch of different rose gold chrome powers - and to be frank most of them have been pretty sub-par (teaches me for buying cheap crap off eBay). So I was stoked when I tried this one and discover it's everything I've been wanting. This is over a black gel polish. Rose Gold Chrome (# 41404).

This chrome power was meant to be rose gold as well, although you can see it isn't overly rose and is more on the gold side. But it is super chrome, super holo and super pretty! Item #41375 

If you've been reading for a while, you probably have worked out that I seriously adore nail foils. So it's not surprising that I just love these holo unicorn ones. Item #41280.

Here we have some simple stamping using the butterfly stamping plate, over Birefringence from ILNP. Item # 41068.

 Just when I think I'm done with chrome I get sent this. Pink hue, blue shimmer and subtle holo. Ugh it's divine! Holo mermaid chrome (# 41266) in shade 6. 

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