Another Born Pretty Haul

I think I always have something from Born Pretty on it's way to me (as I write this I have 2 orders in the mail and another sitting on my desk!). I'm lucky enough that they occasionally send things to review but I also buy wayyy to much! So here is my not-quite-monthly round up of the Born Pretty items I have had on my nails lately. 
First up is a Nicole Diary stamping plate. Unlike many of the BP plates, this one didn't have any hard plastic backing, but is also very cheap so I can manage. The details on the plate are all nicely etched and transferred beautifully. For this design I stamped over a thermal gel polish topped with mermaid powder. 
I haven’t really played with polygel before, but I was offered to test out this cool one that is a thermal colour change! It’s purple in the cold and white/clear when warm. To make this nail I used a tip, then a silicone tool with alcohol as a slip to mould the polygel. And a water decal on top because I can’t ever leave a nail plain. I struggled to build the nail really smooth, but at least it was very soft to file.
Item #46409: Click here
Warm state

Cool state

Last up is a glow in the dark dipping powder. I think this was actually my favourite of this round of goodies. It's a gorgeous bright pink with a strong purple glow. I normally like to mix my dip powders with clear acrylic and use them with monomer, but for the full glow effect I did 2 layers of dipping over a nail tip. I will definitely be ordering more colours so I can wear them on my right hand (coz hey it's easier to dip on  your non-dominant hand than to sculpt out a full nail!)
Item #46478: Click here
And as always, if you do find anything full price on their website, you can always use my code to get 10% off - VHW10. No it's not an affiliate code or anything, just a discount code!

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