Colorama Tutti Frutti

I’m in the process of moving house, which sucks so hard! But to make matters worse, I managed to break not one, but 3 nails clear off! Seeing as they were finally back to a length I liked, I’m a little bit devastated, and compounded by how dried out my hands have gotten from all the cleaning and my cuticles are even more feral than they normally are. But it’s not going to stop me from buying all the polish (hey there’s some kick-arse new collections out at the moment!).But for the moment I’ve got a couple of old swatches I’ll post up that I’ve had sitting in my draft folder.

Here we have Tutti Frutti from the Colorama range by Maybelline. This is a super shimmery pink that in the right light is purple. It has tiny specs of clear glitter in it which adds to the magic. It’s meant to be a top coat, but I loved how it looked in the bottle so much I wanted to wear it by itself. Here I have 3 coats topped with SV, and as you can see the colour is stunning, but the glitter as it builds up gets a bit gritty. But hey, it’s such a cheap and cheerful polish I’m glad to have it in the collection.

The Colorama range is available everywhere, but I picked mine up at Pharmacy Direct for $2.95.

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