Nicole Diary Forms and Rhinestone Picker

Today I have 2 new items from Nicole Diary to share with you. I have lots of pictures are both of these have already become staples in my collection and I'm really impressed with them.
First up is the duel-ended rhinestone picker. One end is a wax head and the other is a small metal tube that you can put a small amount of putty into for picking up those teeny tiny jewels. When it arrived, the wax head had moved in the box so it was a bit smooshed and flattened, but it still works a treat. And I'm sure if I warm it up a bit I will be able to reshape it. This has instantly made doing lots of gems a million times quicker. It didn't drop a single one when I was doing this mani. 

The second item is a stack of 100 nail forms. I honestly got these just because I thought they were so stupidly pretty. I normally just use those cheap gold ones that are everywhere, but these are so much better. They're quite long, nice tabs and they stick reaaalllyyy well - I haven't had a single one pop open on me which is a miracle. They also have little dotted lines you can cut to help get a better fit. Since I got these they have become my go to form. 

You can get all these items from Nicole Diary, be sure to use my code OMCT10 for 10% off. 

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