Dr Dana Nail Care System from Nu Skin

Incoming pic heavy post! I got sent this nail care system from Dr Dana / Nu Skin to try out and I am here to share my findings. Now I am generally pretty sceptical about nail systems just because if you use enough cuticle oil every day, you shouldn't need them. But I think this has just proven me wrong. I've been wearing acrylics a lot lately, so my nails are shot. So I put it to the test on the most peely dry nails you can imagine. 
The system contains 3 parts - a glycolic prep (as far as I can tell it's AHA for exfoliating dead cells from the nail, a 3 way buffer (to even out and give super shine), and a deep hydrating formula (not cuticle oil but some weird magic syrup).
Ok, step 1 you rub into your nail and it instantly made my nails look nicer. I did clean my nails before I did this, so it is obviously a deeper cleanse than you would get from the usual cuticle removers. Step 2 is a really good quality buffer. I didn't have to go to town on each section of it, and still go the craziest amount of shine! Step 3 confused me because it looks exactly like every other cuticle oil pen, but it's not. It's more like a thick gel consistency - nothing like I've ever tried but dang it worked a treat! 
It made a massive difference to my nails - and that was on just one treatment, as you can do this weekly. I also did a gel mani 24 hours late, and when I took that off they STILL looked amazing. Super impressed. 
So I'll drop all my pics below. Scroll to the bottom for before and afters so you can see the magic yourself.

The Dr Dana Nail Care System is from Nu Skin Australia and has a RRP of $61

Before After

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