IBS Las Vegas 2018 Roundup

I'm so sorry this is almost a week late - I've had the worst cold EVER (seriously there is so much snot I have turned into a snail). But I've finally collated all this info together - so I hope this is useful to someone out there!

IBS Las Vegas was on last weekend and so I've jotted down a few of the products I spotted in the coverage that looked interesting and are available in Australia.

First up is the IBX Boost system. I think most people by now know about IBX for repairing nails (and if you haven't, go google. Worth it trust me). So this new product is essentially a hard gel to repair or overlay on nails for that super strong but still natural looking nail.
Check out their website here
Or their Australian distributor Switch Funky here

Next up is the Artiste Artinks from Apres Nail. Think Sharpie nails, but so so much nicer and fancier. You don't need me to convince you, just look at the art they've done with them! So stunning.
They ship directly to Australia. Check out their website here. 

This one is a quick shout out because sure it's another gel polish, but the bottles are entirely HOLO! That's enough of a selling feature for me! They also ship straight to Australia, website is here. 

Acrygel/polygel/whatever-you-call-it is still massive, and this is the latest system of it that I spotted, and I just love how cute the packaging is. I just want the Flux bottle! They also ship to Aus - website is here. 

Lechat have a new Perfect Match collection called Indie Fest thats filled with bright summer colours - it's all the sort of colours that I love wearing so of course I want. Also I want that bag. LOOK at it! Anyone want to sell me one of these bags? I want one so bag ugh!!!!
The original link is here
And Lechat is sold in heaps of places in Australia, but here is a link to Diamond Nail Supplies where I get it. 

Last up is a product I don't actually have an image of, but I saw it on Instagram and it sounds so interesting that I think will be worth keeping an eye out for From EDKO. It is a 1 step gel system that soaks off with alcohol! Neat right?
They do ship to Australia but you need to spend a lot. Still website is here if you're interested. 

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